01, 2009

The new beta version 4.3x of PC-3000 for Windows UDMA with Data Extractor UDMA


  • Autodetection of MANGO family models is appended
  • F1_3D family is appended
  • The possibility of file loading through terminal in menu Work with BURN is appended

Seagate F3
  • Head map build function through interface ATA for Data Extractor is appended
  • Families Momentus 5400.5, 5400 are appended into the list of supported families
  • The following user commands are appended:
      G-List -> P-List transfer
      Reserve Track Slip List scan
      User Track Slip List scan
      P-List scan
      Alt-list scan
      Translator regenerator
  • selection the list of supported families is appended in utility menu


  • New possibilities of utility and DE interaction are appended. Now the following actions are available:
      1. the second variant of solving "pending problem"
      2. SysSect writing blocking while HDD working
      3. modification LBA->PCHS through ATA interface
      4. soling the problem of impossibility of HDD launching in ATA mode as a result of impossibility of overlay loading ovl1

WD Marvell

  • While track writing the physical heads are selected and writing is made on selected physical heads, but in the protocol logical numbers of heads were written. This error is corrected.
  • Module catalogue for HDD Zeus interpretation and reading error is repaired
  • For all ROYL families module catalogue interpretation algorithm is modified
  • The possibility of extraction files/documents database on any head 0...7 is appended into dialogues track selection for writing
  • In data scan mode from ROM the output information about Microjogs is appended
  • Plugin for Micrologs editing is appended (is available while editing module 47)
  • Heads map editing mode is appended in RAM
  • Mars family support is appended
  • Pinclite family support is appended
  • For Sabre family module OD ROM calling error is repaired (Sabre does not have module OD)
  • Module OD reading error message while LDR loading for non ROYL HDD is removed
  • Profile folder name and database for Denali family is repaired


  • NV-RAM fitting algorithm for HTS5425 family has considered the peculiarity of service information cylinder numbers table building on heads in NV-RAM
  • Parameters for working with ROM for HTS5416J9 and HTS5425K9 families are modified
  • While working with G-List in 2.5' HDD table the format is corrected
  • Self Test start algorithm is corrected with the purpose of giving the opportunity for user to launch testing HDD for separate power module


  • Full-function support of 34GSX,35GSS,37GSX SATA families is appended


  • Configurational settings for MPA, MPB, MPC, MPD families are repaired

17.06.2009 Data Extractor
  • The possibility to make HDD Sleep when it is not active is appended (in task settings)
  • Copying rate while working with regular connected HDDs is increased on 30% due to asynchronous writing implementation
  • Now there is a comment to it (if exists) while chain reading
  • Data import in the object map and saving rate is increased considerably
  • Selected chains removing rate is increased considerably
  • Map selected chains removing rate is increased considerably
  • While modification chain's attribute in the object map it is possible to put them down to CLIPBOARD
  • While modification chain start in object map the length is modified
  • The possibility to add selected folders and files is appended into the explorer
  • Working with memory while generation or using map with the great number of chains and comments to them is enhanced (was tested up to 1 mln)
  • head number is appended in object map into Hint
  • In object map while data saving/importing the catalogue is installed on default - task catalogue


  • Structures logical analysis control is appended in case of physical damages
  • while forming used/unused map the $Bitmap reading is now performed by means of blocks by 255 sectors (earlier it was performed by 1 sector)


  • While writing dissection the structure integrity control is enhanced
  • ResourceFork saving to file name.ext.rsc is appended
  • while forming used/unused map the reading is now performed by means of blocks by 255 sectors (earlier it was performed by 1 sector)
    Now it is not performed by file system initialization, only on demand for corresponding map forming
  • BadBlockFile map forming is appended

Database client

  • "Database information" mode is appended. It is available through "Database access parameters" form
  • We developed the utility of recovering the absent attributes of WD Marvell utility resource profile. Owing to resources created by earlier utility versions were not found while resource searching.
  • After downloading update "critical failure" error is repaired (after installing Setup there was no error)

PC-3000 Core

  • Fallout lines problem in terminal is solved
  • At the instance of our users (ATA 0/1) popping-up diagnostic port selection list is shifted closer to power control button

Universal utility

  • Fault indicator error is repaired

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