25, 2023

Summarizing the Year and Season’s Greetings

The year 2024 is approaching very fast, it's time for us to thank all our partners and customers for being with ACE Lab technologies throughout this year!
2023 has been a year of remarkable events and great achievements. 
ACE Lab has made the further development of our PC-3000 technologies, attended and showcased at the key data recovery & digital forensics events worldwide, fostered important partnerships across the continents, and continued to provide our partners and clients with the best tools and services. 
Let’s have a look together at our 2023:

• This year has also been special because ACE Lab has celebrated the 10th anniversary of our Prague office ACELab Europe!
In 2013 ACE Lab opened a new office in Prague - ACELab Europe s.r.o. During all these years it has been serving our PC-3000 partners and customers in the best possible way. All PC-3000 products are manufactured in Prague and comply with the EU standards according to the relevant certificates. All PC-3000 tools can be easily purchased in the Prague office. The Prague office is also a perfect base for onsite PC-3000 trainings - it has a well-equipped PC-3000 data recovery training centre so you’re always welcome to boost your data recovery and forensics data recovery skills with the help of highly professional instructors.
ACE Lab is extending its presence covering new regions and offering new opportunities to make cooperation in the data recovery community.

 Our developers team has done a lot for the enhancement and support of the PC-3000 Tools: PC-3000 Portable III, PC-3000 Express, PC-3000 UDMA, PC-3000 SAS, PC-3000 Flash and PC-3000 Mobile PRO.
In the summer update for the PC-3000 Portable lll, PC-3000 UDMA, PC-3000 Express most of the existing challenges in work with HDD have been successfully solved. The next big update is almost ready and being tested now! Both versions give essential solutions for work with WD and Seagate SMR drives.
The support for SSD drives has been hugely expanded, including the implementation of SSD loaders for the most up-to-date SSD models. New SSD controllers and Utilities have been added during the last update.
We keep releasing new resources for the PC-3000 Flash - new XORs, new NAND chips,  ECC formats etc. The most burning challenges for everyday Flash recovery are successfully solved.
The PC-3000 Mobile PRO has been immensely enhanced. A huge number of new chipsets have been added. The PC-3000 Mobile PRO of 2023 has become much more powerful than in 2022 allowing it to deal with the latest models of smartphones, including such well known brands as Samsung, Xiaomi and Huawei/Honor.

• ACE Lab Tech Week in Malaga, Spain was for sure the most outstanding data recovery & digital forensics key event of the year. It was a new format, first of its kind, introduced by ACE Lab. Four days of maximum immersion in data recovery & digital forensics and the greatest networking opportunities at the seashore exceeded everybody’s expectations and inspired engineers and experts from all over the world for further work and development. It was the right place where the community of top data recovery and forensics data recovery experts was formed.

• The Technical Support staff was strengthened with new highly experienced engineers to guide our clients to successful data recovery cases even more efficiently. Now it’s the greatest team of professionals who are ready to assist you in solving data recovery cases of ANY complexity. High-quality technical support is of top importance in data recovery, and ACE Lab can objectively claim that no other vendor in the data recovery field has such a big professional full-time technical support department.

• ACE Lab Team together with our partners have attended a great number of the most important data recovery & digital forensics events worldwide. Exhibitions, meetings and conferences in Germany, Spain, the USA, Vietnam, the Netherlands, France, Poland, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain - that’s where data recovery specialists and forensics experts could see and test the PC-3000 technologies.

 Dozens of onsite training sessions were held including those in Prague and Istanbul along with the numerous online trainings and webinars for ACE Lab partners and PC-3000 clients. What’s more - very soon ACE Lab is launching brand new Mobile Forensics Data Recovery Training Online and Onsite and Western Digital HDD Data Recovery Advanced Training Onsite!

• ACE Lab's greatest team of top developers are constantly researching, and as a result our new hardware breakthrough PC-3000 technologies are already in production! We can’t wait to share the news with you. Stay tuned!

• ACE Lab has been extending the PC-3000 partner network across the continents and now  is in the process of fostering new partnerships.
We are grateful to all of you for being with ACE Lab all this time. We continue doing our best to support ACE Lab partners and the PC-3000 users and intend to keep on bringing the latest innovations for you to be on top in data recovery.
May the coming New Year bring you and your families happiness and joy. We wish everyone all the best in 2024!

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