• Krzysztof Dolhan
    SGdata Poland
    Good way to start flash recovery if your experience with them is none. And if you want to buy PC-3000 Flash!
  • Tom
    UTI dos Dados, Pericias Digitais, Solucoes de Dados e Importacao Ltda. Brazil
    I participated in the basic training, even though I already know how to do many operations on the pc3000, but in fact it is something that adds a lot of value to receiving expert guidance on how to start from "zero", because there are always many details that we still don't know how to do or any tips or trick that will make your day-to-day with the tool easier. I certainly recommend this training to everyone, even those who have operated the tool for some time. Of course, I will do the next trainings to offer a quality service to our customers, we always count on Acelab's support. Thanks to everyone on the Acelab team, I want to leave my special thanks for this training to Jane, Alice and Sergei for their attention and dedication.
  • Peter Best
    DATA365 Australia
    The training was delivered at a pace I could follow easily and in language I understood. I found that after doing this training I was more competent in using AceLab equipment. In the weeks since training I have been able to recover data from hard drives that I would have previously abandoned. This brought more money to my business.
  • Luigi Vaccara
    Day1 Data GmbH Germany
    I have made the HDD Online Data Recovery Training to fresh up my skils.And i can say only, Ace Lab is one of the best Recovery Tools and the training is one of the best trainings i ever have. Your questions will be ansered professionally and the training is not only based on theoretics, it is also a practice competition you have to resolve. All in all i will say i´m very proud to work with one of the best companies for data recovery tools and thanks a lot to the Ace Lab Team for this training and the skils you will learn on the training
  • Greg Masi
    My Agency currently uses ACE Lab PC-3000 product line & we intend to purchase additionall units for our Regional Digital Forensic Labs located throughout the USA.
    With that in mind, this training offered by ACE Lab will absolutely benefit our data recovery personnel in becoming familiar with & learning the basics on how to use the PC-3000 products.
    Mr. Victor Mrikh did an excellent job in presenting the material & answering all of my questions. 
    Kudos must also be given to Ms. Jane Prokopenko for ensuring I was prepared & the training went smoothly.
    JOB WELL DONE to both of you & I look forward to my next class!!!
  • Hugo Adrian Francisconi
    RecuperoDatos.com Argentina
    I have really enjoyed the training. I could learn a lot about the RAID's function and how to recover the data from them. It's so functional for someone who has to strengthen some knowledges.The explanations were very clear and concise. I would gladly do it again! :)
  • Roy Rojas
    The online training program of ACELAB is the best and professional what I see in this time.They are dedicated, solve your doubts and always guide the student in the tasks they schedule. I will definitely go back to a new training.
  • Adam Sheldrake
    Elite Data Recovery UK UK
    Fantastic Course, well detailed and impressively conducted while being restricted to being an online course. A lot of detailed information delivered in a very professional way. Engaging and Enjoyable to be a part of. 
  • Ta Ngoc Thanh
    HTI Investment and Technologies JSC Vietnam
    Thank you ACE Lab. You have a wonderful team of teachers. The lessons are easy to understand and will be of great help to our engineers.
  • Manuel Fernandez Diaz and Javier Lopez Martin-Lara
    Indoubtedly, is a training where you can know about the most powerful technology about HD recovery.
    Great training where you can know more about last problems in Seagate drives, how it works, and how to solve it

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