• Frank Meincke

    The three day Flash training offered by ACE Lab is a must in this very complex business of NAND device data recovery. The instructors know their product because they use it on a daily basis. In three days they cover the theory of NAND data storage and retrieval, key indicators of the algorithms used by the controllers. Then they provide practical exercises where you can apply what is learned and receive immediate feedback on problem areas experienced. The training is intense but well worth the trip.

    The 2 day advanced HDD Course is an excellent course to attend. They covered Seagate drives and how to restore them to functional condition so data can be recovered. If one want to know how to become a better data recovery engineer, then this course is for them. I have a better understanding of Seagate drives, their architecture and data recovery methods.

  • Fraser Corrance

    Both Mikhail and Victor are AWESOME teachers who are very passionate and extremely knowledgeable about data recovery. They were very patient with us. The knowledge that I gained from this class is absolutely priceless. Since I have been back from the class I have been able to solve 3 data recovery cases that I know I would never have been able to do before. THANK YOU ACE LAB!

  • Giancarlo Vedli

    The Training was very useful to understand the logic functionality of NAND chips and the PC-3000 Flash SW. Now we are conscious with steps are necessary to solve cases in the best way to maximize the results.

  • Luis Garcia
    Data Clinic Mexico
    Excellent training, your teachers are really experts in your field, you learn a lot of things and new technologies in data recovery. They are 100% professionals.
  • David Swartzendruber
    Dave's Data Recovery USA
    Excellent training. Michkel is an excellent instructor that maintained a very good pace of instruction.
  • David Karimi
    ProTech PCS USA
    Great teacher, with great knowledge. Very good pace. Overall very nice class!
  • Jonathan Borgeaud
    Kudelski Security Switzerland
    I took part in ACE Labs training in December 2016, and to be honest it was a real honor to be trained by Roman. He knows everything about SSD and flash recovery, and it has been a great value for me to benefit from his experience. I recommend attending to this training to everyone who wants to do serious flash recovery. Thank you for your professionalism and your availability.
  • Wojciech Szpilski
    Mobile-tech complete solutions ltd. Ireland
    Again I am impressed after Ace lab training. For this company data recovery is a passion. I am very happy that they want share this knowledge with other.
  • Martin Schauerhammer
    Schauerhammer IT Consulting Germany
    NAND device data recovery is a very complex topic and the three day training offered by Ace Laboratory cover nearly all aspects of data recovery from flash memory devices. The training was well structured and Roman was a great instructor that explained all topics from the theory of NAND data storage to the algorithms used by the controllers and how to solve all those tricky cases very professional and patiently. I found training very useful as it will help us a lot in our daily work with NAND data recovery cases. I would highly recommend your course to other data recovery engineers!
  • Wojciech Szpilski
    Mobile-tech complete solutions ltd. Ireland
    In my opinion all was well organized, Roman instructor is very good and have answers for all our questions.

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