• Mike Mingos
    Acelabs has done quite a good job with these Trainings. I believe that even if somebody is working in Data Recovery field for long time, it's a good chance to be there.

    Acelabs is the pioneer in Data Recovery Tools and is the first to provide solutions for common new problems. So these seminars are far the best place for knowledge update in modern techniques and secrets.

  • Anonymous
    It was a really pleasure to participate at the seminars. Very useful information added by thevery know data recovery developers converted for few days in wonderful teachers. It was agreat honor for me to work few days with this people and I recommend this seminar to allpeople witch want to be on top in data recovery market.
  • M. Regan
    I recently undertook the PC3000, Data recovery for HDD course at ACE Labs in Russia and found it really worthwhile and tremedously informative. The course was very well ran by undisputed industry expert Tutors in a well structured and organised fashion with a perfect mix of theory and practical sessions. I would highly recommend this course to any serious professional who want to sharpen their skills and get a deeper understanding of data recovery.
  • Gareth Davies
    I have been using Ace Labs' Data Recovery Products for a number of years to analyse and recover malfunctioning Hard Disk Drives.

    The course I recently attended at ACE Labs HDD Training Seminar in Russia has provided me with a deeper understanding of the capability of the tools and enabled me to acquire new skills.

    As an Academic and a Digital Forensics Practitioner, I believe the seminars offered by ACE Labs are of great value to the Data Recovery Industry and can provide the Digital Forensics Practitioner with a deeper understanding of hard disk technologies and possible methods for recovery.

  • Manuel Fernandez Diaz and Javier Lopez Martin-Lara
    Indoubtedly, is a training where you can know about the most powerful technology about HD recovery.
  • Vikas Seth
    If you are into data recovery and have ACE product. Do not miss this training. After this training I am now very clear with my reasons and has got new level of Success.
  • David Gelkin
    I'm very happy with the end results and would highly recommend your course to other data recovery engineers. I look forward to attending future seminar events and building a closer cooperation with you.
    100% thankful for your efforts in this first training program in English.
  • Baek Seung Jae
    LIVEDATA Ltd. Japan
    Baek Seung Jae Data Recovery team manager LIVEDATA Ltd., Japan

    To staffs of ACE Laboratory, I feel very thankful for providing Session of Knowledge-sharing events.

    Livedata has learned very high level recovery technology of ACE Lab, and established deep friendship with ACE Lab people.

    April 20th~22th Most Efficient Nand Recovery:
    Thanks to Shasha, I could learn much knowledge and experience real world techniques. His explanation was really good and easy.

    April 27th~29th PC-3000 Technology for data recovery from HDD:
    I could learn important real world know-how about widely known problems with hard disks. It was little short, but it was really useful. Special thanks to Sergi & Vadim. They did best to deliver good knowledge and good practice.

  • Akiyasu Tajima-San
    It is an amazing experience that one of founders of ACE Laboratory in charge of technology taught us directly in the classroom using various HDDs as practical analysis.

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