Data recovery from SSD & Flash

High-end professional PC-3000 Flash SSD Edition – fast, evolving solution with convenient automatic modes for the most efficient SSD/Flash recovery possible.
  • PC-3000 Flash PC-3000 Flash
    Socket: TSOP48, LGA52, BGA152/132, etc.
    Speed: 12 MB/s
  • PC-3000 SSD PC-3000 SSD software add-on is available in 2 delivery packages: PC-3000 SSD and PC-3000 SSD Extended.

    PC-3000 SSD operates in tandem with the PC-3000 Express System or the PC-3000 UDMA System.
    Modes: UDMA, PIO, Terminal, Techno Mode

    Supported interfaces: M.2 SATA (M+B Key), SATA, mSATA, Micro SATA, PATA, LIF, ZIF, Apple SATA proprietary interface

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