• César García
    OnRetrieval Spain
    OnRetrieval has a group of experts who need to work at the customer's site or outside the laboratory, with the PC-3000 Portable III. We can solve a large number of tasks, since the tool allows transferring the efficiency of the data recovery and forensic laboratory externally. It is a very fast and accurate tool that allows you to diagnose, forensically analyze and recover data. You can work with NAND flash drives too. Our technicians and engineers equipped with a PC-3000 Portable III form an infallible pair.
  • Ilya Lvovsky
    TeraDrive Data Recovery Canada
    Undoubtedly, PC-3000 is the modern wonder of the data recovery world. I have been using ACE Lab products for over twelve years and in thousands of cases, and I can confidently claim that there is no better tool for professional data recovery. The creativity and the innovation of ACE Lab  engineers never ceases to amaze me, and the support level I am getting from the company is nothing less than superior
  • Dennis F. Baldeón R.
    B&S Recuperación de datos PERU
    Insurmountable data recovery tools! We have tried many but those of ACE Lab are the best with quality technical support. Acquiring their tools was one of our best decisions. Congratulations to the entire ACE Lab team.
    e-mail: datos@bs.com.pe
  • Amol Khadse
    DataCare Labs India
    We DataCare Labs INDIA have been using the Tools manufactured by ACE Lab since last few years. Your company offers advance data recovery tools which are made to perfection and well-designed to deliver complete satisfaction and ease to a user.
    We truly appreciate the genuine efforts your technical support team put in to answer every query and always give us a solution that makes feel relieved. We are completely satisfied with your products, services which helped immensely to achieve great business. so we must say, you share a lion's part in our company accomplishments and success our company has achieved so far.
    We wish your team of experts continues to deliver the same kind of support, quality products and help in the future. Wish you all the best for future endeavors! Keep doing your best!
  • Karen Khachaturov
    Capital Data Recovery Inc Canada

    “Superior, High Quality, Reliable, Trustworthy” - are just a few words that describe ACE Lab data recovery solutions and a company in general.

    Since 2004, Capital Data Recovery Inc has been exclusively equipped and built around ACE Lab tools, and the reputation is what matters to us most. With over 15 years of continued patronage and dedication to ACE Lab as a company, be assured that you are investing not just into the product, but into the company that has their best interest to ensure that your business is always equipped with the top-notch, state-of-the-art data recovery solutions.

    ACE Lab’s PC-3000 tools are indispensable "must have" tools, offering unmatched results and remarkable capabilities for data recovery projects of any caliber and any complexity, whether you are dealing with a single hard drive, SSD, RAID or a flash data recovery project.

    True Pioneers in the data recovery field. The data recovery world would not be the same without ACE Lab's innovations and contributions to the field in over 20 years. High-quality solutions provided by ACE Lab speak for themselves.

    I can only speak highly of ACE product, professional technical support, and their world-class leading development team.

  • David Blizzard
    Blizzard Data Recovery USA
    Not only does Ace Labs have the best hardware/software solutions for data recovery, but they have unmatched technical support. Their data recovery tools are priced competitively, but the usability, documentation, and support cannot be matched by the competition. We use PC-3000 tools for HDD, SSD, and Flash recovery every day at Blizzard Data Recovery
  • Juan Carlos Carbajal Gomez
    Simply super, the leader in the field of data recovery of all types of drives, diagnostics and hard drive repair. For 8 years we have been offering the data recovery service with its tools and we have more and more satisfied customers.I suggest all services and products of ACE Lab. In addition, its technical support is very efficient and useful to solve queries and problems.
  • David Piñeiro Ramos
    Golden Phone Informatica / DPR Informatica SPAIN

    Thanks to ACE Lab, I entered this world of data recovery, I liked their tools so much, that I was hooked with their technology.
    Now, passionate about data recovery, I can not live without ACE Lab
    Your technical service is the best,
    Thanks to this great team.

  • Tawfeek Mokhtar
    Alsafwa data recovery Egypt EGYPT
    The best tools we ever use in data recovery . with hard disk or SSD drive or flash . it's just like ferrarie cars keep up , regards from Egypt.
  • Kevin Xiao
    Data Pro CANADA
    Excellent support of all drive brands, including not popular ones like Hitachi and Toshiba.Decryption of WD passport WITHOUT password (I did not believe it was possible)Smooth operation across all models. (we have tried other data recovery equipment but they don’t work reliably across all models)Ability to quickly determine Seagate F3 headmap using the zone-head deactivation featureAbility to solve WD slow responding issue in RAMAnd of course great technical support! For non-standard issues, only your technical support engineers know how to solve them.

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