• Sundar Rajan.P
    It is really useful one.
    e-mail: dcscbe@gmail.com
  • Francisco Miranda
    We noticed a great advances in our business when we bought products of ACE Laboratory. There isn't a 2-click tool, but is far better than other data recovery tools available on the market. We appreciate the engineering development of the company ACE Laboratory and the work of its employees.
  • Michael Owen
    PC3000 / Data Extractor UDMA is without a doubt the leading diagnostic and data recovery tool available on the planet. Having used every version of PC3000 I can confidently state it gets better and better with every release. The thought and attention to detail the developers have incorporated is simply outstanding. It surpasses all similar tools in every area.

    Our PC3000 systems are in use 24/7, the imaging function in data extractor is second to none. It is the first port of call when extracting data from 1.5 TB Seagate Hard Drives which have undergone platter transplants and Western Digital Hard Drives which have required a head transplant followed by head alignment calibration.

    Not only is it a great product but ACELAB provide excellent support and outstanding customer service. A sound and essential investment for any data recovery company.

  • Nikola Radenkovic
    Data Solutions Serbia is currently using all ACE Laboratory products.
    We have used, are using, and will be using everything we can get in our Laboratory. All of their products proved their invaluable contribution to quality of our work inside Laboratory.

    ACE Laboratory PC3000 UDMA is most powerful set of tools I saw on the market. Also dedicated support is unmatched in terms of quality of service provided.
    I cannot imagine that any kind of work within areas of data recovery and computer forensics is currently being done without help of ACE Laboratory equipment.

  • Sean Kerrigan
    I'm just writing to say how impressed I am with the latest UDMA version of PC3000, especially the 4.3x version with the much awaited WD head-map editing procedure built in. The speed of the new system is extremely impressive, as is the range of new models of drive supported (as well as older ones only previously supported by the obsolete PC3000 ISA).

    We use our PC3000 on a daily basis and it's in use 24/7, so much so that we are considering the purchase of another kit.

    Sure it seems expensive to begin with, but we anticipate the initial outlay to be recouped within a few months with recoveries that would be been very difficult or impossible without the PC-3000 UDMA complex.

    I would consider PC3000 UDMA a "must have" tool for any professional recovery company, coupled with the live technical support and forum it makes a formidable tool and well deserved of it's status of market leader in it's field.
    I would be only too pleased to recommend this product to any serious data recovery professional, and is definitely worth the money paid for it.

    Best regards
    Sean Kerrigan, PC Image Data Recovery.

    e-mail: dr@pcimage.co.uk
  • Ciaran Kennedy
    We have been using PC3000 since 2003 and we are very happy and loyal acelab customers. We started with the ISA version when it was available and have upgraded to PCI and then to UDMA in recent times. We have up to 8 PC3000 units in service and they are central to our business.

    We use it to diagnose a drive failure if there is no mechanical/electronic fault with the drive. In reality, it is used to diagnose every drive, but the level to which it is used depends on each drive and the fault.

    Success rate is difficult to determine, because of the variance in faults that we receive. For drives with a System Area corruption, success rate is very high, but this will depend on your experience fixing SA faults also.
    For a recovery specialist, the menus are very intuitive, so they should be able to get up-and-running quite quickly, provided they have a basic understanding of System Areas, etc.

    As you can see, we have a considerable amount of acelab equipment and if I was unhappy with it, I would not have purchased more than one! There really is nothing else out there on the market that compares.

    Our business has grown significantly over the past few years and I honestly can say that we would not be where we are without pc3k. However, it does require a lot of focus and research. You need to read the manual a number of times to understand the processes, it's not a one-click solution.
    To put it another way, PC-3000 is a fantastic tool which gives you access to the drive at a low level. How good it is and what success rate it brings depends on the user!

  • Atsushi Tsutsumi
    The best staff in our company is PC-3000 of ACE Laboratory. In the morning, my first job at company is checking results of automatic tasks that PC-3000 did during night time. PC-3000 always shows me greatest results I have ever seen.

    Now I often ask to myself "Can we do our job without PC-3000?". Yes, it is very attractive and deserves the title of "best data recovery solution in the world". I would recommend this to any recovery service company I contact.

    Hard disk vendors continuously release new models but many of data recovery solutions are not catching up them. ACE Lab's solutions always catch up them very quickly. With news service and immediate technical support through MSN messenger, we can work very fast and can provide immediate service right on time to our customers.

    Thanks to ACE Laboratory, providing best products and services.

    Atsushi Tsutsumi LIVEDATA Ltd.

  • David Marques
    I use Acelab products for some years, and honestly from what I've seen until now, they are the best products for data recovery. The products (and I mean specially PC3000 UDMA) are very well designed, what is a very good advantage to other tools, as this way they tend to be easier to use and to understand it's several options.

    The tools are made by professionals who know what they are doing and that have some deep knowledge in a very difficult area. There are some very important and exclusive features that PC3000 has compared to other suppliers, like imaging head by head, send ATA commands to the drives, etc.

    Regarding it's tech support, I understand they are very busy people as we all are, but they make good efforts to help the users as well as to provide new updates in a regular basis with the new drive families and new solutions for known problems.

    So I recommend Acelab products as the best in it's area.

    e-mail: dmarques@drc.pt
  • Ryan
    Ace Labs is a highly professional company with kind and helpful staff. We have purchased a number of units from Ace and have found them to be exceptional diagnostic and repair tools for our digital forensics customer base. They are robust and powerful, and Ace is always available to provide support should we need it.
    e-mail: rjudy@ecryan.com
  • Philip Shaw
    Good morning. 
    I own a data recovery company in Maryland (USA) and I have had a PC3000 for a little over a year. I have had some cases lately where Dmitriy Chub has given me incredible tech support. The latest was this morning when he looked at a Seagate drive with a firmware issue that I could find very little about on the data recovery forums. He immediately new what to do and started unchecking flags in System Files and the drive came up perfectly. He then took the time to write out the instructions for me so I could do it without bothering your tech support group the next time. Dmitriy has always been very knowledgeable, helpful, and polite and you should view him as a great asset. I know I do.

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