• Mr. Attila Szabo
    During our forensic expert work for the investigation authorities we often use PC-3000 for Windows UDMA and Data Extractor system.

    Among the lot of examples I name three:

    - to remove HDD lock because without this there was no possibilities to exam and clone the data content of it.
    (In this situation we got a lot and urgent help from ACE Laboratory support team, thanks for it!)

    - we examined the origin of a notebook supposed to be stolen and we could find the original firm OS of it by the tools of ACE Laboratory only.

    - to regain of the cancelled datas were evidences later.

    Thank you:
    Infolabor Ltd, Hungary.

  • Andy Liong
    ACE Labs products are indispensable tools for our company, not only that the tools are very capable in fixing and recovering customer's data but also they save valuable time especially when accessing the data during the retrieval process due to its speed performance that is second to none.

    PC3000 UDMA, although it takes time of getting used to this tool, once you are familiarized yourself with all the functions and tricks, it will recover virtually anything associated with firmware corruptions.

    Due to an extensive research by ACE labs and an ongoing updates this tool is keeping up with the current hard disk drives technology.

    PC3000 Flash, this is another fantastic tool from ACE Labs which is used to recover data from memory devices. It automatically finds and reconstructs data using specific algorithm regardless of memory device controllers.

    I speak highly of ACE labs because not only for their products but also for their after sales technical support and professional sales team.

    I would highly recommend ACE labs products when data loss is due to firmware corruption or other faults associated with hard drives.

    Andy Liong, Director.

  • Ciprian Enaru
    For the last couple of years I have successfully used ACE Laboratory products. Its ease of use is remarkable capabilities for data recovery from damaged hard disk drives or damaged flash drives. I am fascinated with the all equipments and services. I have also been impressed from the beginning of my relationship with ACE with the high level of customer support you provide.

    With warmest regards, Ciprian Enaru

    e-mail: office@qdr.ro

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