• Steve Cook
    East Anglian Data Recovery Services Ltd UK
    ACE Tools have become pivotal in the day to day running of our Data Recovery business. These tools prove themselves time and time again, and with an extremely short ROI. They have become the "must have" tools for any serious Data Recovery Business.
    e-mail: steve@eadr.co.uk
  • Luke Coughey
    Recovery Force inc. Canada
    When it comes to recovering data from flash media, we have purchased some of the best tools on the market and none have even come close to the succes rate we have had with PC3000 Flash. www.recoveryforce.com.
  • Arik Gart
    Chip Data Recovery L.t.d Israel
    There are lots of complementary products for data recovery companies but without PC-3000 unit recovery companys can not exist. PC-3000 has the most professional support staff we came across with, the reliability, dedication and a support team thet finds a solution to every problem. We, Chip Data Recovery Israel L.t.d, strongly recommend the PC-3000 unit and its products.
    e-mail: Arik@Chip.co.il
  • Michael Theriot
    We have used two competing products prior to purchasing PC-3000 SSD Edition. We have been able to solve previously unsolved cases with it. For existing PC-3000 UDMA users it provides a very powerful, useful and familiar interface to work with.
  • Andrew
    They are always there to help
    We have been a customer since 1994
    And would recommend the company
    Keep up the good
  • Gianluca Bonfanti
    DataLab use Acelab'products daily and 24/24h, we are happy with them and enthusiastic for the easy handling and clear logic of use.

    The programmers and the engineers made a perfect work! www.recuperodatipersi.it

  • Agata Machura
    Congratulations to ACE Laboratory for developing such an useful and effective tool, which is PC-3000. Mediarecovery deals with Computer Forensics, IT security and data recovery. We constantly monitoring the market in search of the best tools for improving the effectiveness of our work. We have tested many different programs for data recovery. The PC-3000 proved to be unbeatable and still is.

    An additional advantage is the high level of support from the ACE Laboratory. Their response to any questions and fulfill orders IS quick and easy. Very nice and competent people are working there. We recommend the AceLabolatory company as a business partner.

  • Ozgur CETINER
    Ace Labs is a highly professional company with kind and helpful staff. With their support for a large variety of makes and models of media, constant updates and capabilities to repair a huge variety of media related faults, PC3000 and also other products are the number one choice for any Data Recovery Professional. So I recommend Acelab products as the best in recovery area.

    Ozgur CETINER

  • MyungHO Kim
    Data recovery is an essential equipment, I think. PC3000 UDMA produced acelab give thanks for.

    Thank you.

  • Ivan Juric
    PC3000 / Data Extractor UDMA is best data recovery tool available. We are using PC3000 UDMA with Data Extractor and as a leading Profession Data Recovery company in Croatia our choises are only ACE Labs products.

    Updates make this product capable of dealing with almost every drive on market.

    Best regards,
    Ivan Juric

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