• Bruno Kuster
    Wir arbeiten schon seit geraumer Zeit mit Produkten von ACE Lababoratory. Das sind in erster Linie PC-3000UDMA und PC-3000Flash. Die Qualitaet der Produkte ist ausgezeichnet! Ergaenzt durch den schnellen und praezisen technischen Support Abteilung sind wir absolut begeistert von ACE Laboratory!
  • Leigh Trojanowski
    Can't wait for the next update! Pass our compliments to your developers the UDMA suite is brilliant!.
    A fantastic set of tools. Both in the diagnosing and the recovery of damaged drives, there is none better.
    The PC3000 UDMA suite and the P3000 Flash are complex, but this allows the user to have great freedom in choosing how to repair damaged storage media.
    Data Extractor is extremely flexible and allows the user to image data from drives with almost any problem.
    The AceLab support staff always do their very best to help you fix problems and all our PC3000 devices are working 24/7 as they are vital.
    If you choose to perform data recovery, you'll need one!

    Leigh Trojanowski
    DataWreck Data Recovery Services

  • Our high rate of success in data recovery depends on four things:
    Acelab Pc3000 series tools
    Right spare parts
  • Erick Castillo Arriaga
    ACE labs products are the most important in the industry of DR, i work with other tools for competitors and no one like ACE, UDMA its the best tool in the industry. Fast copy in Data Extractor, Really the Best.

    And wow. I cant tell you how important is Ace Products for me, the best of the best, I have 2 unit of athola, and 2 of SD product, I dont use it any more.

    Erick CAstillo A

  • Jag
    The product is robust and with lot of features still to be explored. The years of experience in developing your product is easily visible in terms of available features and tools. I am sure that no other tool in the market can perform any better than PC3000.

    I would like to add feedback for PC3000 manuals. I would love to see a more training manuals that is more detailed with case studies of typical hard disk failure and recovery by PC3000. The currently available training materials are difficult to grasp for beginner or even intermediate without lot of trial and error. You can post more videos and step by step guides on your website. I believe this will increase your sales also as lot of people will benefit from learning your product fast and reaping benefits earlier.

  • Luis Enrique Helling
    Our company works in the field of forensic computer. We provide services to Courts of Justice, Law Enforcement, Intelligence Agencies and others.
    I would consider PC3000 / Data Extractor a professional tool for any forensics and recovery company, is without a doubt the leading diagnostic and data recovery tool available on the world.

    ACELAB provides good technical support and ongoing product enhancements (Thanks Igor and Katarina!). In the near future our agency will buy PC3000 Flash, this is another fantastic tool from ACE Labs which is used to recover data from memory devices.

    Best regards.

  • Ann LeFlore
    I am very new to the data recovery field and have choosen the PC3000 UDMA plus data extractor for the work here in French Polynesia Tahiti. I am so please with this tool and all that it has done for me in the short time I have owned it. Currently I have a drive with bad media damage and the data on this drive is very important. The DE is fantastic at reading drives with media damage and is getting the data off this drive for me. It is not an easy task to try and repair drives that are damaged but the PC3000 sure makes this work a lot easier and is a tool that is a must if you are doing data recovery work.
  • Viktoria Larkhanidi
    As Greeks we are very happy to work closely with prominent Russian scientists. Worldwide, use of AceLab systems offers the strategic advantage to every data recovery company. Also, AceLab's technologies give chances to small labs to face multinational giant's competition. Since they can't do any better than we do with AceLab's advanced support, we can equally fulfill client's needs. Keep the good job and thank you once again.
  • Sung-Kwon Chung
    We purchased one set of PC-3000 for Windows UDMA, Data Extractor UDMA and PC-3000 Flash early 2009. With these new tools, we have experienced significant increase in customers and efficient response to the customers. Recently we purchased another set of these and we anticipate reducing repair time further for troubled PC. We also consider purchasing other products from Ace Laboratory.
  • Frank Meincke
    Working as a Computer Forensic Examiner, I have many commercial tools available to recover data; however, it was usually limited to a logical damage to the data. Since working with the PC-3000, I have broken through the barrier of Electronic and Physical recoveries, while increasing my customer's satisfaction.

    Ace Laboratory offers much more than top of the line hardware. They offer the personal touch, from the first contact with Katarina, the sales manager to indepth discussions/advice with Igor, Roustam and Sasha as well as the use of the Forum to connect with professionals the world over.

    Frank Meincke

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