• Juan Carlos Carbajal Gomez
    Simply super, the leader in the field of data recovery of all types of drives, diagnostics and hard drive repair. For 8 years we have been offering the data recovery service with its tools and we have more and more satisfied customers.I suggest all services and products of ACE Lab. In addition, its technical support is very efficient and useful to solve queries and problems.
  • David Piñeiro Ramos
    Golden Phone Informatica / DPR Informatica SPAIN

    Thanks to ACE Lab, I entered this world of data recovery, I liked their tools so much, that I was hooked with their technology.
    Now, passionate about data recovery, I can not live without ACE Lab
    Your technical service is the best,
    Thanks to this great team.

  • Tawfeek Mokhtar
    Alsafwa data recovery Egypt EGYPT
    The best tools we ever use in data recovery . with hard disk or SSD drive or flash . it's just like ferrarie cars keep up , regards from Egypt.
  • Kevin Xiao
    Data Pro CANADA
    Excellent support of all drive brands, including not popular ones like Hitachi and Toshiba.Decryption of WD passport WITHOUT password (I did not believe it was possible)Smooth operation across all models. (we have tried other data recovery equipment but they don’t work reliably across all models)Ability to quickly determine Seagate F3 headmap using the zone-head deactivation featureAbility to solve WD slow responding issue in RAMAnd of course great technical support! For non-standard issues, only your technical support engineers know how to solve them.
  • Since the times of the ISA version, PC3000 + DE are tools that should not be missed at any data recovery pro. Thanks ACE for these essential tools.
  • Dustin DeTorres
    Brisbane Data Recovery Australia
    Since purchasing two PC-3000 UDMA suite and the PC-3000 Flash, we have significantly increased our throughput of drives and reduced our turnaround times on many types of failure. We have increased our success rates. It's the best thing to happen since PC-3000 and a MUST for any serious Data Recovery company.
  • Mohamed Ismail
    Roiaa Reepair Egypt
  • Roy Rojas A.
    Information Technology Peru SAC Peru
    Our founder bought the first PC UDMA with ISA slot in the year 2003 directly in Rostow on Don. Now we are proud that we have the newest version here in Peru. We have tried different tools, which are not bad at all, but ACELAB tools together with our highly skilled engineers – unbeatable! 
    I highly recommend it!
    My sincere appreciation to all ACELAB team who are very professional from the start at the end in sales and support.
  • Jinarto Kang
    Jayakom Indonesia
    Who want to be a professional data recovery must have ACE Lab tool. Everyone knows best of the best tools data recovery are from ACE Lab. The tools can check, fix, recover data perfectly. I know ACE Lab is very good and stronger, than the tool I have from China. I have 7 tools from China, and I have another tool from Russia, but ACE Lab is still better. Also team support is very very good, polite and cheerful men who handle case to case professionally. Good job.
  • Toni Kassab
    TBK Informática Brazil
    Excellent Tool, and the Technical Support team is HIGH QUALIFIED too.
    I had a lot of help from Sales Department Mrs. Alexandra. 
    Thank you Ace Labs for this partnership for almost ten years.

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