How to Update the Software

New models of data storage devices are appearing more and more frequently, leading to a constant need for data recovery technicians to be able to solve new and more complex types of data recovery cases. The main advantages of the PC-3000 technologies are not only a comprehensive approach to data recovery, but also the ability to provide effective solutions for cases involving new types of problems in data recovery.

We work closely with our customers in keeping the PC-3000 continuously up-to-date with the very latest functionality and newest technical features. With the PC-3000, you will gain access to new data recovery solutions more quickly than your competitors who do not own our products. We always take our customers' requests into account when providing new releases.

To update your software, simply follow the Customer Update Box. There you will find the most recent software updates for your PC-3000 products. If you need any assistance, please contact Technical Support.

If you want to see complete information about the recent UPDATES please use the following links:

The PC-3000 Express with Data Extractor Express/RAID Edition

The PC-3000 UDMA with Data Extractor UDMA/RAID Edition

The PC-3000 Portable with Data Extractor Portable

The PC-3000 SAS with Data Extractor SAS

The PC-3000 Flash SSD

The PC-3000 Mobile

The Technical Support service for all PC-3000 products is provided only by ACE Laboratory company and the resellers authorized to provide the Technical Support service.

To get Technical Support from the ACE Lab Technical Support Centre please contact us in one of the following ways:


Online chat and ticket creation:

Office phone: +420 212 277277

Business hours: 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. GMT +01:00 – for Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceania
  2 p. m. - 10 p.m. (midnight) GMT +01:00 – for the USA and Canada

Please note:

The standard response time for Technical Support requests is 24 hours. Response time for common questions with straightforward solutions is usually quicker. More complex cases may take several days or more, especially in cases where assistance from the Development Team is required. Team Viewer consultations are available for up to a maximum of two cases per day.


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