• Frank Meincke
    Dear Ace Laboratory Team

    I would like to share some good news with you all. Since I started using the PC-3000 suite of equipment, moreover your technical assistance in solving difficult cases, Gefund-IT has seen a steady growth in business. Starting 1 December, 2011 I will transition Gefund-IT from a part time afterwork dream into a full time data recovery company.

    I started the data recovery business, working as a computer forensics technician. Forensics and data recovery share the same fundamental principles but with different goals. The more I was involved with data recovery, I quickly learned that software alone will not solve complicated cases. Out of various computer/forensic/data recovery forums, the name Ace Laboratory has always stood out as the premier manufacturer of data recovery equipment. So when I decided to move to the next level, Ace Laboratory was my only choice.

    After many years of working with you and the product you have shown/taught me many ways to get the customers data back. Your expertise and dedication to your product are flawless and have helped me make the impossible, possible. This passion for excellence exhibited by all of you is seldom seen in today's world of mass production. You and your product are unique and I am glad that I choose wisely!!

    To make a long story short, I would like to thank you all for helping me achieve a level of service which now allows me to concentrate on data recovery full time.

    Thanks again for a job well done!


  • Joe
    With PC-3000 products, we save a lot of time to diagnose malfunctioning drivers and increase the success rates of data recovery. Moreover, with their technical support and experiences sharing, we become a professional company in a short time.

    I highly recommend all the products and services form ACE labs.

    e-mail: joe@hdd.tw
  • Nick Powell
    We use PC 3000 UDMA, Data Extractor and PC 3000 Flash First rate products, developed and supported by a first rate company.

    Our day to day contact is with the support group at ACE and they really are all you can ask for from a professional company supplying data recovery equipment.

    Developers, only one small criticism, please incorporate hfs file system support into data extractor.

  • Cesar Garcia Jaramillo
    Wonderful. We have many data recovery tools and PC3000 + DE is one of the best of the world. The professional Data Recovery Laboratories must have this tools. It is very useful and powerful.

    I suggest all services and products of ACE Labs. Besides, their technical support is very fast and useful to solve queries and problems.

  • Tone Korosec
    Tool that combines a large amount of knowledge and experience in the restoration of data.

    Tone Korosec

    e-mail: tone@msi.si
  • Mike Mingos
    TicTac is the first founded Data Recovery Lab in Greece, from 2001 and at that time we were doing a lot of Research on how to recover data out of problematic drives.

    I must admit that from the momment we invested on AceLabs products our success rates and delivery times have really increased. Nowadays i believe that no data recovery lab can be successful without Acelabs products and support. I can not compare the functions of PC-3000 complex with any other tool.

    I also have to say that Acelabs support is very good and the technicians are always willing to help you succeed in your daily tasks with their tools.

    Mike Mingos
    Technical Director

    e-mail: info@tictac.gr
  • Nick Parsons
    Before getting into the data recovery field I spent a lot of time researching the available tools that would be needed to startup such a business. The PC-3000 suite was a big financial outlay, but in the first few months the product has already allowed me to almost recover that cost.

    The product supports all the drives that I have had to deal with, and the support team is always ready to help when in need of a solution.

    I would recommend this product to anyone who is thinking seriously about data recovery.

  • Fernando & Edgardo
    Congratulations !!!! for all ACE Lab team. It's a wonderful notice we have read just now about your decision. Your assistance in the day by day is essential for our working but this kind of seminar as well. Because of them, it's normal to join in a short time a set of technical tools and procedures which result very, very important for our daily work. Many times we waste our time to solve a situation with prove and error and that is wasteful.
  • Frank Meincke
    Thank you very much. Of all the products that I started with, yours has been the keystone of my business. However, hardware and software are not what I value the most, it is your team. I have encountered a variety of hard drive problems that they were able to solve, thus allowing me to get the data back into the hands of the owners.
  • Peter Kusar
    Peter Kusar s.p., Tannaris SLOVENIA
    Tannaris successfully deals with data recovery. To increase efficiency we had to move to the next level and we are pleased to get such an effective tool with high level support from the ACE Laboratory. Fortunately with updates PC-3000 UDMA-E is capable to deal with plenty drives on the market and makes us a very happy customer with growing up business. 

    I highly recommend all services and products of ACE Laboratory.

    RegardsPeter Kusar s.p., Tannaris
    e-mail: info@tannaris.si

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