13, 2024

ACE Lab forges a new intercontinental partnership with UTI dos Dados in Brazil

The year 2024 began with a promising milestone as ACE Lab entered into a partnership with UTI Dos Dados, Brazil.

This partnership will allow UTI Dos Dados to exclusively distribute ACE Lab’s solutions to the Brazilian public sector. Government bodies, law enforcement agencies, and forensic experts will have access to the most cutting-edge PC-3000 technology for their profound forensic investigations.
UTI dos Dados will also be a non-exclusive partner for the private data recovery sector which will additionally contribute to the development of data recovery in Brazil.

UTI dos Dados is a longstanding company specialized in data recovery and digital forensics that serves the entire Brazilian territory. It provides private sector training and extensive special services experience for law enforcement and government agencies.
Thanks to this cooperation Brazilian customers both from public and private sectors will benefit from the streamlined purchasing processes as well as the possibility to have live training and demo experience of the PC-3000 tools.

If you are in Brazil and looking for a perfect PC-3000 service, UTI dos Dados is your best option.

See the contact details here https://www.acelab.eu.com/resellers.php.

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