• August 17, 2015 Monolith Data Recovery is possible now! ACE Lab Conference in USA
    Recovering data from monolithic flash devices used to be a headache for you? Or you still think it is absolutely impossible?

    Now ACE Lab company provides you with much more efficient, universal, affordable solution to recover data from monolithic flash devices!

    Everyone who is interested to recover data from monolithic flash devices will be able to prepare them for reading with the help of the new ACE Lab equipment. Now you can avoid all difficulties when working with monolithic flash devices and successfully recover data.
  • August 17, 2015 ACE Lab conducts the first NAND/Monolith Recovery training in USA
    Monolith. Top-level Technology for Top-level Tasks. conference in New York opens the ACE Lab training sessions in the USA which we start to conduct for our North-South American customers.

    The first 4-Day training sessions on NAND / Monolith Recovery technologies will be exclusive and outstanding events because nobody else can offer such NAND training program which includes the new universal technology of recovering data from monolithic flash devices.
  • July 29, 2015 New PC-3000 Flash software ver. 7.0.2 is released
    Not much time has passed since PC-3000 Flash software ver. 7.0.1 became available, and the ACE Lab Team is ready with one more new release.

    In the latest version, the PC-3000 Flash users will get the new TOOLS, which automate the routine operations helping to save your time.
  • July 17, 2015 Free Blog, Free Forums & Other Ways to Master the PC-3000

    ACE Laboratory provides not only the most efficient tools, but also the most professional package of services to help you make your first steps in data recovery and to master the data recovery art.

    When learning to master the PC-3000 tools, you can use many ways:

    • Studying our detailed know-how manuals
    • Using our professional technical support service 
    • Visiting our in-depth training in Prague (the Czech Republic) or booking the training in your office
    • Watching our videos on the YouTube channel PC3000datarecovery
    • NEW! Using our forums which now have FREE access
    • NEW! Using the free PC-3000 Support Blog 
  • July 01, 2015 6 months left before the end of Upgrade Program
    Thousands of the latest generation PC-3000 boards are already in use by the data recovery engineers worldwide, and they are unanimous that these newest products have significantly helped them to increase their success rate in data recovery.
  • May 25, 2015 New detailed manual for PC-3000 Flash is available.
    ACE Lab engineers have completed the latest edition of the PC-3000 Flash manual. Now the full description of the PC-3000 Flash functionality is available on more than 100 pages, including all modes existing in the PC-3000 Flash software.

    This documentation has a lot of useful information and will help you to increase your awareness of the PC-3000 Flash capabilities!
  • May 20, 2015 Easy to visit – much to gain!
    The first series of training classes has been held in Prague.

    Since the ACE Lab Prague training centre was opened at the end of April, ACE Lab has already conducted three data recovery training seminars there.

    Within less than a month, they have been attended by the guests from eight countries!
  • April 30, 2015 ACE Lab data recovery training is now available in Europe
    Those data recovery specialists who never stop in their pursuit of progress and find time and determination to come to the professional data recovery training, have already seen for themselves that ACE Lab training can substitute for hundreds of hours of self-learning.

    Now we are happy to offer you an even better opportunity! 
    A new ACE Lab training centre has been opened in the heart of Europe!

    You can visit the ACE Lab data recovery training in our new fully-equipped and convenient training centre in Prague, the Czech Republic, based at the ACE Lab Prague premises.
  • April 27, 2015 The release of the new PC-3000 Flash software ver. 7.0.1
    The new software update for the PC-3000 Flash is available now.

    • Explore the new opportunity to expand your PC-3000 Flash Reader functionality! 
      It has become possible to make a firmware update of the PC-3000 Flash Reader.
       Detailed manual is available in your Personal Update Box.
    • The new preparation method "Join by Dumps for N sources"
    • In the "Page Designer" mode, you can select ranges of the same length by double click
    • The support of the pages larger than 128Kb
    • New types of ReadRetry options
    • New types of ECC
    • New types of XOR (SM325x, SM326x, SM268x, IS9xx, SSS669x, AU69xx, Sandisk, Kingston SD and others)
    • New translator algorithm for SSS5523 controller
    • New translator algorithm for some SanDisk controllers
    • New translator algorithm for Innostor (IS902, IS903, IS916) controllers
    • Updated dynamic XOR patterns for Phison controllers
    • New weekly-updated automatic database with new XOR, ECC, and other resources

    All authorized technical support users will be able to get the latest software version for their PC-3000 Flash.
    Please contact us to find out how to become an authorized technical support user.
  • March 31, 2015 New PC-3000 software updates are available now
    The following English and Japanese PC-3000 software updates are available now:

    PC-3000 Express/PC-3000 UDMA/PC-3000 Portable Ver.5.9.21
    PC-3000 SAS Ver.5.9.21
    PC-3000 SSD Ver.2.0.1
    Data Extractor Ver.5.2.26
    Data Extractor RAID Edition Ver.5.2.26


    Seagate F3
    • Defect list editor for P List, TA List, Servo Flaws List has been added
    • Utility actions for DataExtractor:
         - RAM head map correction (it has become possible to set MaxHead, active physical and logical head maps)
          - loader usage (Update Microcode) (it has become possible to upload Diag and Tech overlays in RAM)
    • The capability of scanning the list of the last 32 RW commands to diagnose the errors of system file reading
    • Reading modules table and system file list via terminal for HDDs without readiness state

    WD Marvel
    • Added support for Self-Encrypting Drives with automatic data decryption
    • It has become possible to recover P-List from PST logs
    • Added SA regions editing in RAM - Support Malibu, Makalu 2.5 families
  • March 25, 2015 Still spending a lot of time to recover Western Digital Self-Encrypting Drives?
    The unique method firstly and solely developed by ACE Lab makes one more breakthrough in recovering data from the encrypted WD!

    Now you can recover data from Self-Encrypting Drives which are encrypted not by the USB bridge but via the Main Drive Processor.

    Our newest proprietary method implemented in WD Marvell utility empowers you to forget about any donors when recovering data from all kinds of encrypted WD drives.
  • March 15, 2015 New Option to upgrade old PC-3000 UDMA to most powerful PC-3000 Express

    «After I started working on the PC-3000 Express, I do not want anything else» - these are the words which we hear practically each time our customers activate their new PC-3000 Express for the first time.

    Due to the repeated requests from our customers, we open a new upgrade program extending the range of the products to which you can exchange your old data recovery equipment.

    Starting from March 15, 2015, the NEW Upgrade Option is available!

    All the PC-3000 users who have the old green PC-3000 UDMA or old PC-3000 PCI can upgrade their old tools not only to the newest PC-3000 UDMA-E, but also to the most powerful and fastest PC-3000 Express at the special prices!

  • February 24, 2015 Achievements of ACELab Europe after one-year anniversary
    ACELab Europe has recently organized the “New Technology Advances in SSD and HDD data recovery” conference in Prague, and all the participants were unanimous in welcoming our new facilities in Europe.

    ACE Lab office in Prague has recently celebrated its one-year anniversary and is proud to inform about its first achievements.
  • February 17, 2015 The European data recovery world has enjoyed an unprecedented meeting in Prague!
    The European data recovery world has enjoyed an unprecedented meeting in Prague!

    On the 6th of February, ACE Laboratory conducted the “New Technology Advances in SSD and HDD data recovery” conference with an enormous success.
  • January 22, 2015 Registration for the FREE Technology Conference in Prague will be closed soon
    A lot of participants from practically all European countries have already registered for the New Technology Advances in SSD and HDD data recovery conference that will be held by our Europe representative office "ACELab Europe s.r.o." on the 6th of February in Prague.

    ACE has prepared a great deal of interesting and very useful information which will be helpful both for start-ups and for the true professionals.

    You will see some exciting real-life cases showing the easiest and fastest ways to recover data from SSD, and you will learn to recover data from the encrypted USB WD HDD much faster and easier than you could imagine before.

    Recovering complicated RAID cases can be a real headache even for experienced engineers, so our conference agenda will include an especially profound report that will help you to tackle complicated RAID cases much easier, more rapidly and more professionally than ever.

    It will be the unique event where you can meet the data recovery gurus with whom you have been cooperating and probably can efficiently cooperate in future.
    ACE conferences are always highly technical and highly anticipated events that give you growth both in terms of knowledge and business connections.

    The registration will be closed on the 30th of January!
    To be in time to get your confirmation letter, you should fill in the form


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