27, 2015

The release of the new PC-3000 Flash software ver. 7.0.1

The new software update for the PC-3000 Flash is available now.

  • Explore the new opportunity to expand your PC-3000 Flash Reader functionality! 
    It has become possible to make a firmware update of the PC-3000 Flash Reader.
     Detailed manual is available in your Personal Update Box.
  • The new preparation method "Join by Dumps for N sources"
  • In the "Page Designer" mode, you can select ranges of the same length by double click
  • The support of the pages larger than 128Kb
  • New types of ReadRetry options
  • New types of ECC
  • New types of XOR (SM325x, SM326x, SM268x, IS9xx, SSS669x, AU69xx, Sandisk, Kingston SD and others)
  • New translator algorithm for SSS5523 controller
  • New translator algorithm for some SanDisk controllers
  • New translator algorithm for Innostor (IS902, IS903, IS916) controllers
  • Updated dynamic XOR patterns for Phison controllers
  • New weekly-updated automatic database with new XOR, ECC, and other resources

All authorized technical support users will be able to get the latest software version for their PC-3000 Flash.
Please contact us to find out how to become an authorized technical support user.

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