20, 2015

Easy to visit – much to gain!

The first series of training classes has been held in Prague.

Since the ACE Lab Prague training centre was opened at the end of April, ACE Lab has already conducted three data recovery training seminars there.

Within less than a month, they have been attended by the guests from eight countries!

The training has proved popular not only among the newbies, but also among the experienced engineers who prefer to stay on the move and are eagerly learning new information to yield even better results with their PC-3000.

“Thank you very much for creating excellent training material and providing an understandable mix of practical and theoretical knowledge that makes the difference for those who want to use PC-3000 Flash in a professional manner. The support of the local team and the trainer was fantastic! Until now I have not seen any training in this particular field that can match this level of excellence. I am keen on seeing how the other courses can further expand our capabilities.”

Christian Bartsch, ACATO GmbH, Germany

See how the first training classes started in Prague:

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