13, 2015

PC-3000 Forum is moved to a NEW web engine

The PC-3000 Forum has become faster, more structured, and more functional. We have merged the main forum ( and the forum for Flash drives ( into one large PC-3000 Forum.

The old topics from the previous forums have been moved into the “Archive" SubForums. It means that you will be able to read the old posts and topics without adding updates or commenting them.

The Forum user accounts have been transferred from the old main Forum, so you can use your existing login name and password to access the new Forum.

Please note that the ACE Lab Forum is not supposed to provide the official Technical Support service!
It is a place where the customers can share their thoughts and ideas about data recovery and the PC-3000 products.

ACE Lab engineers will communicate with the Forum Users as well, providing answers to some basic questions, giving links to the articles from the PC-3000 Blog, highlighting certain pages of our manuals, and sharing some useful advice.

If you have any urgent or complicated questions or need to get professional technical assistance, you are welcome to the official ACE Lab Technical Support portal, where you can get individual technical support by means of submitting a ticket, sending an e-mail, using a live chat, or initiating a remote session via TeamViewer.

When posting in our Forum, please don't forget to stick to a relevant topic.
It will help to keep all the messages properly structured for your convenience.

In you have any questions about the Forum, please contact us at

If you haven't found the answer for your question please send us your message:

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