19, 2015

The latest word in NAND Data Recovery

The PC-3000 Flash solution is proved to be the most user-friendly, comprehensive solution that helps you to recover data from the widest range of NAND-based devices.

Version 4.0 is the newest generation of the PC-3000 Flash. It is an optimized, even more comprehensive, multi-faceted NAND Recovery Product of utmost functionality, which allows to get the best results dealing with the latest types of microchips, including the most intricate ones.

Main features of PC-3000 Flash ver. 4.0:

  • Power Control Adapter is integrated into the Flash Reader ver. 4.0
  • Two independent power supply circuits
  • Current level control
  • Strengthened interface lines
  • Improved quality and stability of chip reading
  • New software functionality which enables you to get the maximum from the new hardware

NEW PC-3000 Flash Kit includes:

  • Flash Reader ver. 4.0 with a built-in Power Control Adapter
  • TSOP-48 Adapter
  • LGA/TLGA (14x18) Adapter
  • BGA-152 Adapter
  • Circuit Board Adapter
  • USB 2.0 Defender Cable
  • User Manual
  • PC-3000 Flash Software

All other adapters like the VBGA-100 (NEW!), TSSOP-56, LGA/TLGA (12x17) adapters can be purchased additionally.

Users of the old generation of the PC-3000 Flash (ver. 2.0/3.0) can get the new PC-3000 Flash Reader ver. 4.0 within the Upgrade Program. The Upgrade Program policy implies that your old Flash Reader will be destroyed, and the destruction process will be recorded on the video and showed to us. After that, your new device ver. 4.0 will be activated by ACE Lab.

PC-3000 Flash 4.0 Upgrade Kit includes:

  • Flash Reader ver. 4.0
  • TSOP-48 Adapter
  • User Manual
  • DVD with the PC-3000 Flash Software

The PC-3000 Flash ver. 4.0 will be available for purchasing starting from the 1st of December, 2015. The requests to be put into waiting lists are accepted right now.

Please contact your personal sales representative or e-mail us at to learn about the PC-3000 Flash ver. 4.0 purchase or about the upgrade of your old PC-3000 Flash 2.0/3.0 to the newest version 4.0.


Now you can pay for all the PC-3000 tools, Technical Support and Training not only by wire transfer, but also via credit card: VISA, MASTER CARD.

How to pay for the PC-3000 products and training in Prague by credit cards
How to pay for the Technical Support and training in Rostov-on-Don by credit cards

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