30, 2015

ACE Lab data recovery training is now available in Europe

Those data recovery specialists who never stop in their pursuit of progress and find time and determination to come to the professional data recovery training, have already seen for themselves that ACE Lab training can substitute for hundreds of hours of self-learning.

Now we are happy to offer you an even better opportunity! 

A new ACE Lab training centre has been opened in the heart of Europe!

You can visit the ACE Lab data recovery training in our new fully-equipped and convenient training centre in Prague, the Czech Republic, based at the ACE Lab Prague premises.

All types of data recovery training will be conducted there:

  • Basic HDD data recovery training
  • Basic NAND data recovery training
  • Basic SSD data recovery training NEW
  • Advanced Seagate data recovery training
  • Advanced NAND data recovery training NEW

Our training centre is complete with eight individual training workstations with everything necessary to train a data recovery engineer under the guidance of the most experienced tutors.

To reserve your training seat, please feel free to contact Kate Marchuk at kate@acelab.ru

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