06, 2024

The New PC-3000 Flash Software Ver. 9.0.x has been released

Dear Users of PC-3000 Flash,

We prepared and uploaded the latest updated version of the PC-3000 Flash - 9.0.21 to our TS Portal.

The authorized PC-3000 Flash technical support users with active TS contracts will get the latest software version on the Personal Pages on the ACE Lab Technical Support Portal.



overall speed and stability of the PC-3000 Flash core and the following modes: Map, ReReading mode, Channels Synchronization, ReRead Map Generator

 ENHANCED  PC-3000 Flash core and all existing tools to support NAND Flash drives with capacity more than 1Tb

new values of Page and Block inside the Service Information interface. It helps to sort the view of data not only between LBAs but also between Page Size and Block Size which was set to the NAND memory that you are working with:


the ability to view information about ECC step on the transformation graph. String of preparation where ECC was performed now marked with the following information:


Bad Bytes cutting map. Now it keeps the position of the plane that you are working with even if you change the window size


new firmwares support for Sandisk TLC and MLC translators


 ADDED  Static XOR:
PS2251-67 BLK=64 PG=8768 (1076+7x1070) FA9E80
SM2236 (PCM45CT1) BLK=64 PG=4352 (1082x4+18) 77183F
BW8690 BLK=128 PG=9216 (1150x8) REQ
AS MSD BLK=256 PG=18048 (1128x16)_AF9E02
PS2251-19 BLK=1152 PG=18432 (1138+15x1134) 9A9EF0
AS MSD BLK=256 PG=18432 (1152x16)
SM SDNN BLK=1152 PG=18432 (1142x16+32+32) E8018F SA_INV
CBM2199 BLK=256 PG=17920 (1115x16)_CF7ED4
AU699x BLK=256 PG=17760 (1110x16) ECC PG_CUT_0,2
AU699x BLK=256 PG=17760 (1110x16) DATA PG_CUT_0,2
SM3281 BLK=288 PG=18592 (32+1150x16+32) PL0
SM3281 BLK=288 PG=18592 (32+1150x16+32) PL1
SM3281 BLK=288 PG=18592 (32+1150x16+32) PL2
SM3281 BLK=288 PG=18592 (32+1150x16+32) PL3
SM3281 BLK=288 PG=18592 (32+1150x16+32) PL4
SM3281 BLK=288 PG=18592 (32+1150x16+32) PL5
SM3281 BLK=288 PG=18592 (32+1150x16+32) PL6
SM3281 BLK=288 PG=18592 (32+1150x16+32) PL7
CBM NN BLK=64 PG=2112 (1056x2) 006000
SM3268 BLK=2304 PG=18592 (1150x16+32+32) E8018F
SSS6695 BLK=256 PG=18272 (1140x16)
AU89103 BLK=1152 PG=18432 (1146x16)
PS2251-70 BLK=576 PG=18432 (1151+15x1143) FA9E80
PS2251-19 BLK=1344 PG=18432 (1138+15x1134) 9A9EF0
CMB 2099 BLK=1152 PG=18432 (1144x16) C1E5B2
CBM 2099 BLK=258 PG=9216 (1144x16) CF7ED4
IS917 BLK=256 PG=18432 (1122x16+32) SA F73C46
CBM2199 BLK=64 PG=18592 (1144x16) CF7ED4
IS917 BLK=128 PG=17664 (1094x16+32) F73C46
CBM2199 BLK=64 PG=9216 (1152x16)
 ADDED  New memory chips:
98D59126 Toshiba Noname
7C1000FF Winbond W25N01GV
98489AB3 Toshiba TC58TFG7T23TA0D
98489AB3 Toshiba TC58TFG7T23TA0D
98DE9632 Toshiba Noname
45489903 SanDisk Sandisk monolith 128GB
45409BB3 SanDisk Monolith 512Gb
45739CB3 SanDisk SDZNCIAMA-128GB TSOP48
EC5C98BF Samsung K9AFGD8J0B
453E99B3 SanDisk SDUNCIAMA-032GB Monolith
45499A03 SanDisk Monilith 256G
983A9093 Toshiba Monolith 16G
EC1FD93F Samsung Noname 128G
2CC40832 Micron Noname B16A
983E9803 Toshiba TC58LJG9T24TA0D
983CA593 Toshiba TC58TEG5DCLTA00
983CA593 Toshiba TH58TFT0DFKBA8J
983CA593 Toshiba TH58TFT0DFKBA8J
ADDA8015 Hynix HY27UF(G)082G2M
983C98B3 Toshiba TC58LJG8T24TA0D
984899B3 Toshiba TH58TFT9T23TA2H
453A9493 SanDisk SDTNSGAMA_016G
45409BB3 SanDisk Monolith 512Gb
45499AB3 SanDisk Monolith 256GB
2CAC8026 Micron MT29AZ5A3CHHTB
2CAC8026 Micron MT29AZ5A3CHHTB
AD7E280B Hynix H25JGT8A1M
453E9803 SanDisk Noname 64Gb
453E9803 SanDisk Noname 64Gb
98489803 Toshiba Noname 128G
89C40832 Intel Noname B16A
983E99B3 Toshiba TC58LJG9T24TA0D
2CBC9055 Micron MT29F4G16ABBDA
 ADDED  New ECC Formats:
 ADDED  new Dynamic XORs:
CUTBYTES SM3281 BLK=1152 PG=18432 (32+1140x16+32) PL0 V1
CUTBYTES SM3281 BLK=1152 PG=18432 (32+1140x16+32) PL1 V1
CUTBYTES SM3281 BLK=1152 PG=18432 (32+1142x16+32) PL0 V1
CUTBYTES SM3281 BLK=1152 PG=18432 (32+1142x16+32) PL1 V1
Ax SmCut SM3281 1536 18592 0_3 1148
Ax SmCut SM3281 1536 18592 1_3 1148
Ax SmCut SM3281 1536 18592 2_3 1132
Ax SmCut SM3281 1536 18592 3_3 1148
Ax CBM 18432 1144 64 C32E
CBM: 256_8832_552x16_7421
Ax SmCut SM3281 3456 18592 0 1150
Ax SmCut SM3281 3456 18592 1 1150
CBM: 32_18432_1127x16 - 5

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