28, 2010

The beta version 4.5.1. of PC-3000 for Windows UDMA with Data Extractor

Data Extractor

  • Now it is possible to save catalogues with unallowable symbol '/' in the name (important for HFS+)
  • HFS+ We have added indexes for acceleration results processing
  • HFS+ in some cases the point "scan part" of context menu was unavailable. We have corrected this error.
  • FAT32 in explorer mode files of more than 2Gb could not appear under some circumstances. We have corrected this error.
  • We have corrected the error when the last symbol of file or catalogue name is '.' (important for HFS+, it is impossible to do anything after saving).
  • We added possibility of script processing in multipass copying.
  • We added possibility of binding the alternative map to exact parameters in multipass copying.
  • We added possibility of changing the actions sequences in multipass copying.
  • Now it is possible to save Pattern, used while filling, not in task, but globally.
  • Map chains Were read without sorting while copying in some times before. We have corrected this error.
  • Incorrect chain length was used for marked chains while copying in some times before. We have corrected this error.

Seagate F3

  • We have added functions which allow to change model name. ATTENTION! In this version this feature is available only for those HDD which FW supports model name renewal through Saved Mde Pages. For those FW, which does not support it this function works, but the model name in the id will not be changed.

  • We have modified LED: CC unblocking and password removal dialogue mode (We have added recommendations and possibility of unblocking through spindle connector).

WD Marvell

  • We have optimized HDD errors processing (for PRM OVERLAY NOT LOADED error recalibration is not available).
  • We have added HDD readiness support which is signalled only by DRD byte (DSC byte is reset)
    In previous versions error of HDD with the same readiness indication was interpreted as timeout).
  • We have corrected some errors which appeared while working with HDD of >1Tb capacity (output graph).
  • Plugin for work with Preamp DAC 47 module is released.
  • SA work is corrected. Now there should be no error with which track reading mode determines wrong SA capacity.
  • We have added "head map changing in RAM" for non-ROYL HDD.
  • We have added utility for USB HDD.
  • We have added ROM selection mode for non-ROYL HDD.


  • We have corrected 25GAL, 31GAL families support.
  • We have corrected error of defects hiding in G-list.
  • If there is an error while reading through terminal read data will be saved.


  • We have made some optional changes of utility face (see laying "view" of dialogue settings).
  • Paste from Clipboard command is added.

PC-3000 Universal utility

  • Some errors while working with HDD capacity >1Tb (output graph) are corrected.

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