04, 2011

New versions of PC-3000 for Windows UDMA (Ver.4.7.9) and Data Extractor UDMA (Ver.4.5.)

Seagate (U5, Barracuda xx)

  • Corrected ROM writing for Barracuda IV;
  • Corrected processing of defect table, optimized sorting algorithm;
  • Utility initialization block at launch is turned into separate;
  • Added SafeMode initialization parameter - "Slow initialization". This thing is important for those HDD, at which standard initialization leads to flashing of register led like Christmas tree garland (incomplete SATA interface of HDD with its microprogram, caused by "fast" initialization of SafeMode);
  • Added possibility to launch utility with switched off COM port and switch it on from utility;
  • In Utility operations for Data Extractor for families:
    Barracuda V, 7200.7/8/9/10, momentus neptune/mercury/venus(5400.3)/corsair(5400.4),
    momentus M72(7200.1)/Galileo/Galileo Plus (7200.2)
    the following App cord modifications are available:
           - pending fix 1/2;
           - Not Handled Software Path;
           - Sys Sect Write Err;
           - LBA -> PCHS (ATA);
           - 1 overlay load block ;
           - Alt List save block;
           - omission of loading of damaged Alt List (System Sectors reading err 74);
           - direct writing of System Sectors (mainly – work logs / SMART);
           - System Sector writing from buffer (mainly – configuration modification);
           - correction of head map for data recovery (pairing);
    These modifications enable to start HDD both at hardware (damaged heads etc) and software damages (damaged G-List etc).

Seagate F3
  • Edit HDD ID dialog now has "Read retry" and "Disable IDLE activities" options. Capacity editing became more correct;
  • Physical sector size detection method has been improved and has become more accurate (it is used at "Read with PC-3000 Active utility" mode and building head map in Data Extractor);
  • New "Rescan physical sector size" button that rescans physical sector size has been added into utility status window;
  • Now its possible to read drives more than 1 Tb with utility;
  • Edit HDD ID options now has option for turning drive power supply off/on, after parameters were written. This option allows to avoid HDD hanging for a hard disk drive with "Pending bug" problem;
  • SA Objects window has new "System files" tab added. This tab let you interact with system files over the terminal;
  • Head map building for HDDs with 4k sectors is available in current version of utility;
  • If damaged translator has "unnecessary" defects, you can use new function that allows you to set selected LBA to a certain position where reading is possible. That enables to recover reading at the beginning of area that contains necessary files.

  • For "Trinity" hard drives, new function that allows to write ROM ignoring "Platform ID check" has been developed. (Previous version returned "Invalid Platform ID" when you were trying to write ROM with different ID);
  • For "Trinity" hard drives, we have added new "LED 1Axx unblock" instrument that lets hard drive enter ready state when LED 1A04/1A03 errors appeared within terminal.
  • Now it is possible to read the data from hard drives with capacity more than 1 Tb with PC-3000 utility;
  • ROM rewriting ability has been added for M7E Samsung drives family;
  • At writing ROM on M7S2 and M7E hard drive families, automatic loader selection method than uses Platfiorm ID has been developed;
  • New hex-editor plugins that fix modules checksum and view modules table has been added;
  • "Identify data editor" and "View information about ROM dump" has been added for F3, F3_4D, F4, F4_3D, M7S2, M7 families;
  • Additional verification method for reading ROM on "Trinity" hard drive families has been added;
  • ROM writing ability for Trident, Storm2_G and Rubicon hard drive families has been added;
  • Now it is possible to launch "Burn" manually for Trident and T166 hard drive families;
  • "Command is not supported" error, that happened when "Downsize" flag was set within "Write BURN resources to hdd" dialog, has been fixed;
  • New report creation for T-List and A-List defects allocation by zones is available;
  • Techno-key autodetection method, that happens right after burn resources were loaded to hard drive, has been added;
  • Automatic detection of technological ID size for cases where it is necessary, has been added;
  • SA Structure test has been changed. Now it is possible to select certain system heads and turn off additional defects table and security system reports;
  • New "Edit serial number" option for "Write BURN resources to hDD" test has been added; Option is available when loading Main-code
  • For MT1 drives, new method for working on S-List2 and D-List2 defects (if they exist) has been added;
  • Data Extractor interaction error that made impossible to build a head map after turning off power supply has been fixed;
  • "Fix the gapes" option has been added to defects editor. That option allows to fill all free space between two nearest track or sector defects;
  • "Utility extensions" menu now has "FIT editor" command. Now it is possible to edit the module itself and ROM image that has modules catalog;
  • For M7E, F3, F3_4D, F4, F4_3D hard drive families, complete ROM image reading is now possible. All ROM image reading methods from previous utility version was preserved too.
  • "Switch to external power supply unit" dialog, has been added to "Write burn resources to HDD" dialog;
  • Translator regeneration error has been fixed for MANGO and M6S_2D hard drive families. The error was connected with defects from non-existent heads;
  • New options for selecting the defect-lists output when building defect-lists report has been added
  • Modules directory window layout has been changed ("Utility extension", "Modules Directory")
  • Utility starts quicker with "Trinity" family. When using previous version of utility, you had to read the ID for several times to get correct zone allocation table data, but current version get correct data straight from GEO_TBL module;
  • F4 and F4_3D families has been added;
  • ROM interaction methods has been added for F3, F3_4D and M7E hard drive families;
  • Reading data from drives with 4K sector size with Data Extractor "Reading from active PC-3000 Utility" method has been added for Samsung utility;
  • M7E family hard drives manufactured in China are now supported (they have another technokey);
  • Hard drive com-port terminal interaction algorithms have been improved.

Samsung USB
  • Posibility to work via termianl with Trinity architecture drives (3,5" F1_3D and newer ones, 2,5" M7S2 and newer ones) has been added;
  • We have eliminated the "hanging" problem of some tests when it was impossible to close utility if techno key sending error appeared;
  • BURN running algorithms have been corrected taking into account the specifics of M7S2 and F3 families;
  • All tests from PC-3000 kernel have been added.

WD Marvell
  • Added region reading/writing;
  • Added support of Helios,Aztec PL families;
  • Enhanced "Head map edit in RAM" mode for Dragon and Sadle 6G;
  • Search module mode now can view modules with CHS access (if Search on HDD mode is chosen)
  • Added specialized mode of region map editing;
  • Added mode to eliminate "Slow Responding" (very slow execution of any command);
  • Enhanced mode of map edit in RAM for 2.5” HDD families;
  • "Search module" mode can now search for modules in SA on CHS;
  • Added mechanism of SA SPT autodetection
    (SA SPT request at inaccessible zone allocation table, "Utility state", "Search modules in SA");
  • Added support of DF4 4KLT family;
  • Added support of Vulcan RE family;
  • Added support of Everest5 family;
  • Added support of DF4PL RE family;
  • Added support of Jamaica 4K family;
  • Added support of Marn5 4K family;
  • Added support of Dolphin family;
  • Added support of Sadle BK, Esprit families;
  • Added support of Sumt RE family;
  • Added support of Manpl RE family.

WD Marvell USB
  • COM port access has been implemented

  • Added support of 22GAS family;
  • "Defects hiding" method has been improved;
  • Added support of 16GAP, 55GSX, 59GSX families;
  • CP sizes are corrected for 46GSX, 52GSX, 63GSX families;
  • Added manual addition of LBA defects into P-List;
  • Added saving of defects into P-List;
  • Added grouping of defects into tracks;
  • Added statistics of defects according to zones;
  • Added SA track reading mode;
  • Terminal speed has been increased for SATA HDDs with data access over terminal;
  • P-List processing has been improved. Now P-List can have defects added after logical scan;
  • Added control of integrity at data reading/writing through COM port.

  • Override ini has been corrected for HTS5450B9 family, information on SA Tops has been added into it;
  • Utility error processing solution has been added. This enables you to read data within UDMA mode for cases where previous version could read the data only in PIO mode.
  • For password removal its now possible to backup original security module. It helps to recover original password after getting access to data.

Data Extractor
  • The support of file systems HFS+ and exFAT has been added;
  • Quick disk analysis has been improved - HFS+, exFAT, XFS, EXT2(3,4) support has been added. Using information of GPT and Apple Partition Scheme while analysis performing has been added;
  • NTFS, Mode of metadata map creation for files and folders has been added. It is useful when file is described by many MFT records (not by one);
  • NTFS, "Problems with data stream" status for files, icon and message about it at saving have been added. This status is set when it is impossible to detect file location;
  • An error of memory manager that caused unstable work in different modes has been fixed;
  • Method of filtering for result of MFT table scanning has been improved;
  • Possibility to show /to not show deleted files after MFT scanning has been added;
  • Full path has been added into report of marked files and folders;
  • Field of map capacity in Kb/Mb/Gb has been added into object map;
  • Handling of enabled DRQ register at the moment of some command start has been added. Handling parameters are placed into parameter form;
  • EXT4 support has been added;
  • We have greatly modified and optimized the memory usage way and speed of the work of NTFS "native" file system and "MFT scan", "MFT+INDX scan" methods;
  • New file types (mov, 3gp, mp4, etc) and file system structures (HFS+, exFAT) have been added to RAW recovery mode;
  • Addressing in map mode has been fixed for LBA>2Tb (4294967296);
  • For the HFS+, FAT, NTFS, XFS, exFAT, support of sector >512b has been added;
  • The error which occurs while opening old tasks has been fixed;
  • The error which occured at NTFS translator creation has been fixed;
  • XFS and exFAT file systems are now supported;
  • The support of sectors >512b has been added.

PC-3000 Kernel
  • The error of HDD autodetection which caused wrong detection of HDD as Hitachi has been fixed;
  • The asyncronous execution with interruption possibility has been added for all standard tools such as recalibration, sleep function, security, set MAX LBA;
  • Com port work has been improved (reaction on activation/deactivation of PC-USB-Terminal "on the fly");
  • Automatical request to change administrator's permissions for Windows 7 and Vista has been added;
  • Addition to solution of the problem of "Folder of profile is already in use" has been done;
  • The new switcher has been added to ATA, Hitachi native, Maxtor, Toshiba, Samsung and WD utilities for non-modal enter to utility.

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