21, 2022

The PC-3000 Mobile Software Update Ver. 2.2 is Available

In the beginning of 2022, we announced the transition to the 64-bit software version for the PC-3000 Express/UDMA/Portable III/SAS tools and a new SDK with the significantly reworked program code. Now, the use of a new modern development environment has been implemented to the PC-3000 Mobile too! It opened up additional opportunities for using software development technologies and allowed to add new features to the PC-3000 Mobile quicker and more efficiently.

Authorized PC-3000 Mobile technical support users will get the update on the Personal Pages in the Customer Support Portal:

  • PC-3000 Mobile Software Ver. 2.2

IMPORTANT! Before installing the PC-3000 Mobile Software Ver. 2.2, it is strongly recommended to:
  • close the PC-3000 Mobile software
  • make sure that there are no running processes of PC-3000 Mobile software left in the task manager. If necessary, terminate them by yourself
  • delete all directories of the previous copies of the program manually
  • after that, power off and power on the PC-3000 Mobile
  • run the installation of the required version depending on your OS (32- or 64-bit)

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