18, 2019

The PC-3000 Equipment Was Presented at the Closed-Door Digital Forensics Conference in the Netherlands

Every year the PC-3000 solutions are becoming increasingly significant in the digital forensics market. The point is our hardware-software products play a crucial role in evidence recovery when it comes to dealing with physical/logical damage of storage media, bypassing the password protection, and avoiding the OS influence on the drive. In short, solving the unsolvable cases when no other tools can do it!

Since law enforcement and government agencies need such capabilities, the PC-3000 tools are actively presented at many digital forensics meetings all over the world.

One such event was held by our partner Schippers IT this November. It was one of the biggest closed conferences in the Netherlands that brought together leading specialists from law enforcement agencies, government departments, and private entities, to explore new ways of getting digital evidence and share their experience with colleagues.

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