24, 2023

The New PC-3000 Flash Software Ver. 8.2.x has been released

Dear Users of PC-3000 Flash,

We prepared and uploaded the latest updated version of PC-3000 Flash - 8.2.x to our TS Portal.

The authorized PC-3000 Flash technical support users with active TS contracts will get the latest software version on the Personal Pages on the ACE Lab Technical Support Portal.



the ability to add previously unsupported NAND CHIP ID in fully automatic mode. This feature is available for modern memory chips with the internal 0xEC command support.

Read our new article!


preparation method "Dynamic XOR by Plane", which allows specifying dynamic XOR for each plane on one graph. Such popular controller as Silicon Motion SM3281L with Dynamic XOR will require this option for correct image assembling


preparation method "Set Format Page by Plane", which allows indicating the page format for each plane on one graph. Silicon Motion SM32xx-based controllers with different plane size will require this option for a correct preparations and image assembling


a new convenient grouping of preparation methods in the menu. Activated through Options - PC-3000 Flash parameters - Interface parameters. Allows to group and hide advanced preparations which are not common for beginners


support for reading rule specifying CE and BUS for LUNs. This feature will allow reading the most wired Sandisk chips with complex internal LUN structure. Such chips are popular in modern monolithic mSD/SD cards and SSDs with 82-00369 and 82-00469 controllers


a new option "Tools" - "Maps" - "Map replace" on the transformation graph and analysis results. The tool allows transferring a map built on one of the results to another result, with recalculation of the sector positions. Can be extremely useful for bad sectors rereading after implemented preparations like mix elimination (typical interleave, block sorting, joining by pages, joining by blocks)


a new option "Tools" - "Maps" - "Sector history" on the transformation graph and analysis results. The method allows you to trace the position of the sector on any transformation result. This option could be useful for data correction and rereading in case if you need to fix some specific file after the image assembling


the ability to display only Bad Bytes positions in the method of preparation "Bad Bytes Cutting" - "Searching Bad Bytes based on XOR"


a new option "Tools" - "Maps" - "Map of first pages of all blocks". The tool allows you to select only blocks filled with real data. This feature can seriously force the speed of ECC autodetection in case if the NAND chip doesn’t have much data on it


"Read Retry mode checking". It becomes possible to search the most compatible Read Retry type on various sector maps previously generated and saved inside the task



new Static XORs:

MW8690 BLK=128 PG=9216 (1150x8) REQ
SM2236 (PCM45CT1) BLK=64 PG=4352 (1082x4+18) 77183F
FC1179 BLK=2304 PG=18592 (1154+7x1150)*2 0F45C4 v1
PS2251-67 BLK=64 PG=8768 (1076+7x1070) FA9E80
PS2251-08 BLK=512 PG=18592 (1158+15x1150) FA9E80
UFD NN BLK=256 PG=4320 (1080x4) F96879
AU699x BLK=128 PG=8704 (1068x8) FOR ECC
AU699x BLK=128 PG=8704 (1068x8) FOR BLOCK NUMBER
SM3281 V2 BLK=1152 PG=18432 (32+1142x16+32) PL0
SM3281 V2 BLK=1152 PG=18432 (32+1142x16+32) PL1
PS2251-07 BLK=576 PG=18432 (1152+15x1144) 9A9EF0
IS917 BLK=768 PG=18592 (1148x16+32) SA
ITE NNN BLK=384 PG=18432 (1144x16)
PS2251-70 BLK=256 PG=18432 (1137+15x1129)
ITE NNN BLK=256 PG=17760 (1110x16)
IS917 BLK=128 PG=8832 (1094x8+32) F73C46
SM3281 BLK=768 PG=18592 (32+1148x16+32) E8018F
SM NN BLK=768 PG=18592 (1148x16+32+32) E8018F SA
PS2251-70 BLK=768 PG=18432 (1141+15x1137) FA9E80
CBM2199 BLK=64 PG=8640 (1080x8) 006000


new NAND chips:

EC5E98BF Samsung K9AHGD8J0A
98DA9815 Toshiba TC58BVG1S3HTA00
98DA9015 Toshiba TC58BVG1S3HTA00
45489803 SanDisk Noname TSOP-48
98D39126 Toshiba TH58NVG3S0HTA00
45DE9532 SanDisk SDZNMMDHER-032
45DE9532 SanDisk SDZNMMDHER-032


new ECC formats:



new Dynamic XOR’s:

AX SkM 192 8640 2138 CUTBYTES SM3281 BLK=1152 PG=18432 (32+1142x16+32) PL1 V1
CUTBYTES SM3281 BLK=1152 PG=18432 (32+1142x16+32) PL0 V1
CUTBYTES SM3281 BLK=1152 PG=18432 (32+1140x16+32) PL1 V1
CUTBYTES SM3281 BLK=1152 PG=18432 (32+1140x16+32) PL0 V1

All registered users can download the installation file from their personal box.

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