22, 2023

The New PC-3000 Flash Software Ver. 8.1.x has been released

Dear Users of PC-3000 Flash,

We prepared and uploaded the latest updated version of PC-3000 Flash - 8.1.x to our TS Portal.

The authorized PC-3000 Flash technical support users with active TS contracts will get the latest software version on the Personal Pages on the ACE Lab Technical Support Portal.



new firmware support for the SanDisk 8sec MLC Translator Building algorithm:

  • COLB1S5211C0o30m
  • COLB1S5211C1b30c
  • COLB1S5211C0k30s
  • COLB1S5211C0f30j

new firmware support for the SanDisk 8sec TLC Translator Building algorithm:

  • PHNX2S4311C0c30t
  • 00ACP02X
  • COLB1S5211C1n30w

semi-automatic ability to work with Sandisk mSD/SD cards after formatting inside the digital camera


new firmware support for the SanDisk MLC Translator Building algorithm:

  • COLB1S5211C0k30q

new mode «Bit error correction for ECC autodetection» with ability to fix bit errors on pages filled with 0x00 and 0xFF after applying XOR. This tool is useful for easier/faster ECC autodetection in some complex cases


algorithm for Translator PS8210:

  • Added support for the new type of Synchronisation by blocks
  • Improved method for translator parsing

New algorithm for image assembling Sandisk 8Sec MLC Type 2 for UFD/SD/MSD with 3D NAND chips


algorithm for Translator PS8210 3412:

  • Added support for devices with non-standard XOR maps for adding

algorithm for Translator SSS6677:

  • Improved processing of translator damages in the presence of the correct bank table

tool "Marker parameter detection":

  • Improved mask detection for Phison controllers.

overall software stability in x86 and x64 modes


Static XOR:

IS917 BLK=128 PG=18592 (1148x16+32)
IS916 BLK=192 PG=9216 (1142x8+24) SA 08╤3
AU699x BLK=768 PG=18432 (1146x8) DATA
SM3281 BLK=1152 PG=18432 (1142x16+32) PL0 EB2985
SM3281 BLK=1152 PG=18432 (1142x16+32) PL1 185BAF
SM2685F BLK=256 PG=8832 (1100x8+27) 4C912A
ITE1167 BLK=192 PG=8640 (1078+7x1070)
SM2685 v2 BLK=64 PG=17664 (1102x16+27)_4C912A
SSS6132 BLK=768 PG=18432 (1218x15) 80809E9E
SM3281 BLK=768 PG=18432 (32+1142x16+32) PL0 V2
SM3281 BLK=768 PG=18432 (32+1142x16+32) PL1 V2
SM3257 BLK=128 PG=18272 (1138x16+27) 4╤912A
SM3265 BLK=384 PG=18432 (1142x16+32) PL0 EB2985
SM3265 BLK=384 PG=18432 (1142x16+32) PL1 185BAF
SSS6132 BLK=256 PG=18432 (1218x15) 80809E9E
AU699x BLK=256 PG=18048 (1128x16) FOR ECC
AU699x BLK=256 PG=18048 (1128x16) FOR BLOCK NUMBER
SM3267 BLK=1024 PG=18592 (1150x16+27) PL0
SM3267 BLK=1024 PG=18592 (1150x16+27) PL0
SM3267 BLK=1024 PG=18592 (1150x16+27) PL1
SD NN BLK=64 PG=2112 (1056x2) 6EA2E5
SSS6698 BLK=256 PG=17664 (1098x8) 80809E
PS NNN BLK=256 PG=17664 (1118+15x1102) REF
PS2251-09 BLK=1152 PG=18432 (1144+15x1140) 9A9EF0
SM3267 BLK=256 PG=18592 (1150x16+27) E8018F REQ
PS2251-07 BLK=256 PG=18542 (1151+15x1143) FA9E80
PS2251-68 BLK=1 PG=18432 (1109+15x1103) FA9E80
PS2251-09 BLK=1152 PG=18432 (1138+15x1134)
PS2251-70 BLK=1152 PG=18432 (1148+15x1144) FA9E80
PS2251-70 BLK=1152 PG=18432 (1148+15x1144) FA9E80
PS2251-70 BLK=1152 PG=18432 (1148+15x1144) FA9E80
AU89102 BLK=1536 PG=18432 (1138x16) 67711E
CBM2199 BLK=64 PG=18432 (1127x16) CF7ED4
SM3257 BLK=64 PG=8832 (1094x16+27) D30579
CBM2199 BLK=64 PG=17600 (1096x16) CF7ED4
PS2251-68 BLK=1 PG=18272 (1138+15x1132)
PS2251-70 BLK=256 PG=17664 (1102+15x1096)
SM3281 BLK=768 PG=18592 (32+1148x16+32) PL0
SM3281 BLK=768 PG=18592 (32+1148x16+32) PL1
SM3257 BLK=64 PG=17664 (1088x16+27) B36ED5 REQ
SM3268 BLK=384 PG=18432 (1144x16+31)
SM3281 BLK=1152 PG=18592 (32+1150x16+32) PL0
SM3281 BLK=1152 PG=18592 (32+1150x16+32) PL1
SM2236G V4 BLK=256 PG=4320 (1074x8+18)
PS2251-70 BLK=1152 PG=18432 (1148+15x1144) 9A9EF0
PS2251-70 BLK=1152 PG=18432 (1144+15x1140) FA9E80
IS916 BLK=256 PG=8640 (1072x8+24) 3C5811
PS2251-67 BLK=256 PG=8832 (1101+7x1095)
SM2236 BLK=128 PG=8960 (1116x8+18)
AU89103 BLK=1152 PG=18432 (1138x16)
AU699x BLK=256 PG=18048 (1096x16) FOR ECC
AU699x BLK=256 PG=18048 (1096x16) FOR BLOCK NUMBER
BW NN BLK=32 PG=18048 (1088x16)
IS903 v4 BLK=512 PG=17600 (1094x16+94)_3C4691
SM2683 BLK=256 PG=4320 (1047x4+18)
PS2251-68 BLK=576 PG=18432 (1137+15x1133) A8D2A1
SM3257 BLK=64 PG=17664 (1098x16+31)
PS2251-08 BLK=512 PG=18592 (1158+15x1150) FA9E80


new NAND chips:

453C98B3 SanDisk Noname 32G
AD5C28BA Hynix
453E98B3 SanDisk SDUNCIAMA-064G
453CA9A2 SanDisk Sandisk Monolith
2C844432 Micron Noname
AD7E2853 Hynix H25BFT8A1B8R
ADDC9095 Hynix H27U4G8F2D
453E99B3 SanDisk SDUNCIAMA-032GB Monolith
983E98B3 Toshiba TC58LJG9T24TA0D_64GB
98DEA892 Toshiba TCTNRIAMA6TDK-008GK
AD5C282A Hynix H27QEG8M2A8R
AD5C28BA Hynix H27QEG8M3M8R
2CD49932 Micron MT29F1024G08EBHBF
ECDED57A Samsung K9LCB08U0A
983C98B3 Toshiba HVKK0FG
ADDE1803 Hynix H27UCG8M2M
45489AB3 SanDisk Monolith 128GB
453E9AA3 SanDisk SDINADF4_64GB
ADD71835 Hynix Noname
2C2CD31C Micron MT29F1T08GBLBE
2C2CD31C Micron MT29F1T08GBLBE
453A9593 SanDisk SDTNQGCMG_032G
983C98B3 Toshiba HVKK0FG
EC1ED92F Samsung K9OKGY8S7E
89A40832 Intel Noname B16A
453C98B3 SanDisk Noname 32G
EC1E98AF Samsung K9AHGD8J0B
ECDE94C3 Samsung K9GCGD8U0F
453AA493 SanDisk SDWNRHBRG
453AA493 SanDisk SDWNRHBRG
983C98B3 Toshiba TC58TFG8T23TA0D
983AA582 Toshiba TH58NVG8D2HTA20


new ECC formats:



new Dynamic XORs:

CBM: 64_17600_11096x16_7

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