14, 2023

The New MacBook Pro A1706/A1708 (2016/2017) PCIe SSD Adapter is in Stock Now!

The new MacBook Pro A1706/A1708 (2016/2017) PCIe SSD adapter for the PC-3000 Portable III is available for ordering!

The adapter is intended for working with removable internal PCIe NVMe x4 SSD installed into MacBook Pro 13 laptops manufactured in 2016-2017. It’s the only adapter that can handle MacBook Pro 13 SSDs.

Such SSDs can be of 2 types. They are built on the basis of different controllers and have a difference in internal circuit engineering. When connected, they are detected as different models. The new adapter supports both of these SSD types:

Type 1

Type 2

Moreover, the new adapter allows to work with the Chinese copies of Apple SSD based on SM2263XT controller in a Techno Mode using the PC-3000 SSD Extended. Some MacBook users could buy such drives on e-shops for their Macs storage upgrade, but faced with the insufficient quality of the drives, for example, they had bad sectors or translator corruption. The new adapter supports such types of drives as well:

Get the new MacBook Pro A1706/A1708 (2016/2017) PCIe SSD adapter

The new MacBook Pro A1706/A1708 (2016/2017) PCIe SSD adapter is available for a purchase separately or as part of the SSD/MacBook Set:

  • Macbook Pro A1706/A1708 (2016/2017) PCIe SSD adapter
  • PCIe NVMe/AHCI Adapter for Apple Macbook SSD
  • SATA-mSATA (SSD) Adapter
  • PCI-E x16 SSD Adapter


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