01, 2022

RAID Data Recovery? Easy and affordable now!

What types of data recovery cases do you get most often?

Even though the number of SSDs is growing, HDDs remain the most popular drives on the market. NAND Flash cases also occupy their niche. And what about RAID?

There is an opinion that RAID data recovery is only for gurus as it is difficult and requires much time and effort. Though, the PC-3000 RAID systems let you solve many issues automatically, and really difficult tasks can be solved in the manual mode. The PC-3000 will not leave you with hex-editors as it contains powerful automatic tools to detect RAID parameters. And even if you find some RAID hard, ACE Lab Technical Support Engineers will make even such cases easy for you!

Others think RAID is rare so it won’t pay off. From our customers’ experience: even 1 RAID case can cover your expenses. Moreover, not all RAID tasks are complicated but are the most highly-paid!

Finally, professional data recovery tools may be considered expensive. To make RAID data recovery more affordable, we have created the special PC-3000 Express RAID Set for you:

Based on the PC-3000 Express board acknowledged worldwide as the most powerful and efficient HDD data recovery tool, this Set allows you to deal with 4 drives simultaneously connected to the PC-3000, data transfer speeding up to 150 MB/s for each drive. Data recovery is convenient, fast and easy with PC-3000 Express. And now also affordable with the PC-3000 Express RAID Set!


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