19, 2013

A new concept of PC-3000

Moving forward, with our continued focus on meeting the demands in the best possible way, we have developed a new concept of PC-3000 to adjust the various tasks of our customers. Now you can choose those PC-3000 which serve your needs mostly, as we are happy to introduce you three hardware platforms of PC-3000 for recovering data from Hard Disk Drives:

PC-3000 Express – speed is power

Our unrivalled developers have completed many years research work on developing and testing a new controller board on PCI-E bus – PC-3000 Express. This controller has 4 SATA ports, 2 PATA ports, 4-channel power control adapter protected from short circuit and overload. Data transfer modes are UDMA 133/100/66/33, PIO 4/3/2/1/0. PC-3000 Express controller board has new driver for OS Win XP/Vista/7/8, versions х86, х64. More technical details will be available soon!

PC-3000 Express works 2 times faster, it has twice as many ports as PC-3000 UDMA, thus its efficiency is 4 times higher that efficiency of PC-3000 UDMA, whereas price is about only 1,5 times higher. It is possible to solve 4 times more jobs in comparison with 1 job that can be solved with PC-3000 UDMA at the same time!

PC-3000 Express with Data Extractor Express is the ideal solution for big serious data recovery companies, for whom time required to solve customers' cases is vital. Also big data recovery companies can save on workforce costs as one engineer can operate on 4 malfunctioning drives simultaneously compared to operating on 2 drives with PC-3000 UDMA.

Now we are finalizing the last steps before exporting PC-3000 Express and the expected start of PC-3000 Express sales is October 2013. Other good news are coming soon!

PC-3000 UDMA – optimal solution

It is recognized fact that PC-3000 UDMA with Data Extractor UDMA is the best known professional data recovery product in the world. More than 5000 of PC-3000 UDMA boards have been shipped to 96 countries, it is 3,6 times more than the number of PC-3000 PCI boards which was the world-best product at its time. PC-3000 UDMA is the optimal solution for any data recovery company, main “workhorse” for any data recovery lab. ACE Laboratory has received tremendous number of positive feedback from the users for whom PC-3000 UDMA helped to successfully start data recovery business or take their current business to the next level. We are dedicated to continue developing this product, as it remains very efficient and helps to recover almost the same amount of data as PC-3000 Express just at PC-3000 UDMA standard speed.

PC-3000 Portable – being mobile

PC-3000 Portable used to be easier and limited in comparison with PC-3000 UDMA, as it was intended for novices and those companies who perform data recovery from time to time and don't plan serious investments. We noticed that sooner or later engineers needed more features because they were developing their skills and the functionality of PC-3000 Portable became not enough for them. That's why we decided to provide PC-3000 Portable in full functionality, the same as PC-3000 UDMA.

Thus now PC-3000 Portable has the same features as PC-3000 Express and PC-3000 UDMA, just it is a mobile tool. Being able to take your PC-3000 to the customer's office can be necessary for many forensic organizations as data of such customers can be too sensitive and confidential. Moreover, having portable PC-3000 broadens the range of DR services for the companies.

Full-function version of PC-3000 Portable has:

  • opportunity to install software under OS Win XP/Vista/7/8, versions х86, х64;
  • functionality of utilities that corresponds to functionalities of PC-3000 Express and PC-3000 UDMA;
  • full-function Data Extractor Portable;
  • mounting of disk into operating system;
  • automatic installation/update of drivers during software installation.

Generally PC-3000 Portable is similar to PC-3000 UDMA with the only differences in the number of ports (it has one channel) and in lower speed of work.

UNPRECEDENTED BONUS for all current PC-3000 Portable owners! All customers who had previous versions of PC-3000 Portable get the full functionality of PC-3000 Portable with Data Extractor Portable FREE OF CHARGE! If you need technical consultation on it, please ask our engineers at Technical Support Centre.

New software version and updated manuals

Hardware is different, software is the same in all three products. Today we release a new version of PC-3000 software: PC-3000 Ver. 5.5 and Data Extractor Ver. 5.0. You can read more about it in the next coming newsletter.

Now we finalize the design of the latest manuals on all three products and you will find the latest description of your PC-3000 platform in update boxes within a couple of weeks.

Choosing your PC-3000

Getting the fastest and correspondingly most efficient PC-3000 Express, optimal PC-3000 UDMA or mobile PC-3000 Portable - your choice depends on your needs. Breadth and depth of PC-3000 products provide the widest range of opportunities for you to recover data.

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