11, 2018

The new PC-3000 Flash software Ver. 7.2.5. is available!

The following English software update is released:

  • PC-3000 Flash software Ver. 7.2.5.

Detailed list of enhancements:

What’s new?

  1. Special analysis algorithm has been added:
    • for PS8035, SM2685, SM2703 controllers with MLC memory: fully automated image assembling and update blocks arrangement
    • for PS8210 controllers with MLC memory: fully automated image assembling for single/dual-channel modes and update blocks arrangement
    • for AlcorMicro SD Type 1 (for monolith cases based on AU controller)
  2. Full screen mode for Bit Map (Bad Byte cutting mode) has been added.
  3. The new data preparation method has been added: "Swap half-bytes". This method can be used when the user needs to add ECC support that’s not included in the software (only if they differ by a sequence of half-bytes).
  4. The preparation method "XOR by plane" has been added.
    The method allows to apply a personal XOR from the Resources Base for each plane.
  5. The ability to select only the blocks with versions has been implemented in the editing mode of the "Synchronization Table".
  6. The parameters of the "Block synchronization by marker" preparation method are now saved for each result and filled in the dialog box automatically after the second launch.
  7. The preparation method "Remap page in block" to work with MLCx3 microships has been added.
  8. The specialized tool "Parallel source browsing" has been added. It’s run on the Transformation Graph line and designed to synchronously view the dumps of the selected members.
  9. A lot of new resources have been added to the core: NAND memory chips, XOR, ECC formats, page formats, reading rules, read retries, etc.

New resources in PC-3000 Flash 7.2.5:

Static XOR:


  • SM3267 BLK=256 PG=17664 (1098x16+31) D7AF47
  • PS2251-07 BLK=576 PG=18432 (1137+15x1133) E431CD
  • SM3259 BLK=256 PG=17664 (1102x16+31) 665EAA
  • AU6998 BLK=256 PG=8944 (1096x8) FOR ECC
  • AU6998 BLK=256 PG=8944 (1096x8) FOR BLOCK NUMBER
  • PS2251-07 BLK=128 PG=18432 (1152+15x1144)
  • SSS6698 BLK=258 PG=9216 (1140x8) C2C20D
  • AU699x BLK=512 PG=9216 (1148x8)
  • PS2251-07 BLK=384 PG=18432 (1158+1150x15)_FA9E80
  • AU699x BLK=516 PG=9216 (1138x8) DPL V2
  • SM2703 BLK=128 PG=18272 (1138x16+31) 00F602 SA
  • SM2236G BLK=256 PG=8640 (1076x8+18) 498383 FULL
  • SM3267 BLK=128 PG=18592 (1150x16+27) PL2-3
  • SM3267 BLK=128 PG=18592 (1150x16+27) PL0-1
  • SM2236 BLK=256 PG=18272 (1138x16+18)
  • SM3257 BLK=64 PG=17664 (1092x16+27) 4С912A
  • SM3257 BLK=128 PG=17664 (1098x16+31)
  • SM2702 BLK=256 PG=17600 (1094x16+31)
  • IS917 BLK=256 PG=18592 (1148x16+32)
  • SM2236G V3 BLK=128 PG=4320 (1074x8+18)
  • Sandisk BLK=8 PG=9216 (2292x4)
  • SM2702 BLK=256 PG=8944 (1112x8+31) 2850
  • PS8210 BLK=256 PG=17664 (1106+15x1100)
  • IS917 BLK=512 PG=17600 (1094x16+32) C35811
  • AU699x BLK=384 PG=18336 (1138x16)
  • AU699x BLK=128 PG=17664 (1096x16) For ECC REF
  • AU699x BLK=128 PG=17664 (1096x16) For BlockNumber REF
  • SM2236G BLK=256 PG=8944 (1114x8+18) 77183F
  • SM357 BLK=258 PG=9216 (1136x8+27) EFE2F2
  • SM2703 BLK=512 PG=18432 (1136x12+31)_D7AF47
  • SM2702 BLK=256 PG=8832 (1100x8+31) SA_F60034
  • PS2251-70 BLK=256 PAGE=17664 (1109+15x1103)
  • SM2703 BLK=1024 PG=18592 (1150x16+31)_D7AF47
  • IS903 BLK=128 PG=17664 (1100x16+30)
  • SM3260 BLK=256 PG=18272 (1138x16+27) 096C3E
  • Sandisk BLK=32 PG=9216 (2292x4)
  • SM2685 BLK=128 PG=9216 (1130x8+27)
  • AU699x BLK=516 PG=9216 (1148x8)
  • PS2251-70 BLK=256 PG=17664 (1101+15x1095)
  • AU_SD PG=18432 BLK=1152 (1146x16)_67711E
  • AU699x BLK=384 PG=18336 (1138x16) v2
Memory Chips, reading rules:


  • AD3A1803 Hynix Noname
  • 983C99A3 Toshiba F012808UCT1
  • 983C98B3 Toshiba HVKK0FG
  • 98DE9493 Toshiba TC58TEG6DDJTA00
  • 983A9593 Toshiba TH58TEG8DDJTA20
  • 98D58882 Toshiba TC58NVG4T2FTA00
  • 453CA9A2 SanDisk Noname
  • 453E99B3 SanDisk Noname monolith 64GB
  • 453EA693 SanDisk Sandisk 64Gb
  • 453EAAA2 SanDisk SDT
  • 4548ABA2 SanDisk Sandisk_128GB
  • 45489793 SanDisk Monolith 128GB MLC
  • 45C586A5 SanDisk Noname
  • 45DE88A3 SanDisk Monolith
  • 45DE88A3 SanDisk Monolith
  • EC1AA8DE Samsung K9ADGD8U0M
  • ECDE98DE Samsung K9ACGD8U0B
  • ECDE94F3 Samsung K9GCGD8x0D
  • 89A46432 Intel 6WB2D_NW817
  • 2CA46432 Micron 6WB2D_NW817
  • 2CA4E554 Micron MT29FxxG08CxCCB
  • 2C44444B Micron MT29FxxG08CxxDx
  • 2C646456 Micron MT29FxxG08Cxxxx
  • 2CA4E53C Micron MT29FxxG08CxxAB
  • 2C680027 Micron MT29F32G08ABAAAWP
  • 2C64643C Micron MT29FxxG08CxCDB

ECC descriptions for NAND chips:


  • 8944; 1096x8;
  • 18432;1137;1133x15;
  • 18432;1152;1144x15;
  • 18432;1158;1150x15;
  • 18272;1138x16;18;
  • 17664;1092x16;27;
  • 18592;1148x16;32;
  • 17664;1106;1100x15;
  • 18432;1136x12;31;
  • 4320; 538x8;
  • 18432;1146x16;

Dynamic XORs:


  • SK: BLK=192 PG=8640 (2148x4+30)
  • CUTBYTES: SM3259 BLK=384 PG=18336 (1140x16+31)
  • CUTBYTES: SM3259 BLK=384 PG=18336 (1138x16+31)
  • XOR MARKER: BLK=128 PG=8832 (46+1098x8)
  • PHISON BLK=258 PG=9216 (1137+1131x7) BASE+EXT V2

All authorized technical support users will get the latest software versions.

Please note that since modern memory microchips require the dynamic change of power supply to correct errors, some of new features will work only in the latest version of PC-3000 Flash Reader (v. 4.0).

Don’t be left behind! By upgrading your previous generation PC-3000 Flash Reader to the newest one, you’ll get:

  • Better quality of chip reading with built-in power control adapter
  • One month of free Technical Support
  • New PC-3000 software update (7.2.5.) free of charge
  • Opportunity to use our revolutionary Spider Board Adapter



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