23, 2017

ACE Lab’s latest innovations at GCC Forensic Science Conference in Abu Dhabi

Due to the high demand for PC-3000 products among digital forensic experts and government agencies in the Middle East, ACE Lab together with Anytech LLC visited the GCC Forensic Science Conference to share the latest innovations in recovering evidence from damaged storage devices.

The GCC conference was held on November 14-16, 2017 in Abu Dhabi, UAE. It was a great event to enhance relations with representatives of law enforcement and the private sector in the Gulf Cooperation Countries.

Our team demonstrated the main forensic features of PC-3000 solutions:

  • Recovering digital evidence from both healthy and physically/logically damaged drives of all types
  • The opportunity to protect the drives’ data integrity from OS influence due to the connection through the PC-3000 board
  • Full, partial or temporary restoration of damaged data storage devices operability
  • Bypassing drive password protection
  • Getting access to the Service Area to obtain the digital evidence that can be hidden there

What is more, there is a possibility to export data into *.E01;*.aff;*.s01;*.001 forensic file extensions to proceed with further investigations. 

Conference and expo attendees were really impressed by ACE Lab solutions functionality. They could see that the PC-3000 products provide unrivalled opportunities to get digital evidence when no other methods work.

Generally, GCC Forensic Science Conference have become a perfect place to network, share experience and find the ways of cooperation in solving the most challenging tasks in Digital Forensics.

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