15, 2017

New Enhanced PC-3000 Express is Ready to Boost Recovery Rates

The internationally recognized data recovery flagship has been renewed. Along with other improvements, the revised PC-3000 Express Rev.2.0 features even higher reliability and innovational HDD power supply management.

Main features of the new PC-3000 Express Rev.2.0

  • New intelligent Power Supply Unit with oscilloscope functions for more efficient HDD diagnostic.

    Oscilloscope functions provide you with the most accurate information to perform real-time monitoring of the current and voltage on a visual graph and determine the root issue of the damaged HDD.

    All the new functions will be available starting from the latest PC-3000 software version 6.3.

  • New circuit design of the Serial ATA 3.0 GB/Sec bridges.
    The power supply scheme has been modified to increase the data transfer rate and improve the SATA ports stability.

  • SATA Power connectors have replaced the old 4-pin PATA Power connectors ensuring better compatibility with modern PC power supply units.

  • The new intelligent Power Supply Unit of PC-3000 Express has a small beeping speaker which can warn you about issues with the power supply unit of your PC or about overcurrent supplied to an HDD. In case of overcurrent, the protection device is activated and the corresponding power channel is powered off.

Please review a special Blog article to see how all these features can be applied to live cases.

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