16, 2017

ACE Lab to Hold a Free Monolith Meetup on March 24, 2017 in Prague

ACE Lab announces that on March 24, 2017 the first Monolith Meetup will be held in ACE Lab Europe’s office in Prague. The event will bring together top engineers in data recovery field. They will share experience and learn best practices in data recovery from NAND Flash-based devices in the Monolith form factor.

The highlight of the Meetup will be a series of presentations on Advanced Pinout Research Methods and New Risk-free Techniques of Monolith Recovery with Minimal Soldering.

The attendees will receive comprehensive and deep insights in the latest techniques of data recovery from Flash memory devices, specifically Monoliths - UFD, SD, microSD cards, MMC, eMMC and others. The experts will discuss methods and instruments to deal with the most complicated recovery cases. The presentations will provide step-by-step instructions and principles, illustrated by video and real-time examples. A breakthrough method of pinout research and easier data recovery from monoliths will be revealed.

The number of seats will be quite limited, so reserve your attendance in advance and follow our updates in Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and on sites.

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