24, 2017

Recover Data in 3 Clicks with the New PC-3000 Easy Mode

PC-3000 software received a new interface mode which makes user experience significantly easier and more efficient. 

The new easy mode interface is a dashboard with quick-launch buttons allowing forensic experts, data recovery engineers and HDD repair technicians to perform a lot of routine, but necessary steps in automated mode.

These operations include:

1. Managing drive power. 
2. Reading and analyzing drive identification data. 
3. Reading and analyzing drive SMART data. 
4. Performing quick drive test to check the drive's condition. 
5. Performing complex test for comprehensive examination. 
6. Removing password if a drive is security-locked. 
7. Viewing Data (a DE task without copy creation). 
8. Creating Data copy (a DE task with copy creation).
9. Working with previously created tasks.

The Easy Mode interface helps you solve simple cases quickly by saving time on many routine operations. Use it when you know the drive is not physically damaged. For physically damaged drives, it’s still highly recommended to use full PC-3000 functionality. 
Simplified PC-3000 interface is essential for forensic experts when looking for evidence from damaged storage devices. It helps:
  • Analyse logically damaged drive
  • Unlock Password
  • View target data
  • Create disk images
  • Recover data using DE

Those who are planning to enter the data recovery field will find the simplified interface extremely useful. The new PC-3000 easy mode enables them to organize and streamline drive identification, testing, data imaging and recovery operations. In the future the PC-3000 easy mode is expected to be enhanced with ready-made solutions for typical problems in specific drive families and models (selected automatically based on diagnostics results) as well as creation of copies with hash calculation in e01, aff, and raw formats.

Read more about the technical features and capabilities of the new interface in this blog post.

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