08, 2016

A new PC-3000 Flash software version 7.0.5 is now available

PC-3000 Flash expands the scope of solutions for data recovery from NAND-based devices like Memory Sticks, SD cards, microSD, USB Flash drives and other devices. Alongside with the new adapters, a new software version has been released.

Here is the list of latest enhancements:

  • Introduced support for new sets of adapters:

  • Added a XOR map analysis tool for tasks on AU and SSS controllers. The tool enables you to solve tasks which have non-standard XOR applied on the basis of standard one.

  • Added a mode in compiler “Block Number SD/CF”, which allows to switch off add-on optimization. In other words, the mode does not sort all add-ons based on their relevance, but adds everything that is found during structure analysis.

  • Added methods of manual block rotation (page-by-page) in the “Block/Page Cutting” tool and implementation of the version into the translator. This is necessary to enable block rotation if it is in the translator version.

  • Optimized performance of the compiler “Block Number SM 3257” in relevant marker search mode.

  • Enhanced performance of the compiler “ITE 1167 translator”.

  • Completely rewritten the block rotation preparing tool for SD/CF Phison Controllers. Now TLC microchips with 32 sector page and sector merge cases for MLC memory are supported.

  • Added new XOR and ECC to the resource database.

All authorized technical support users may download the installation file with the latest software version for PC-3000 Flash from their Customer Update Box.

Please contact us to find out how to become an authorized technical support user.

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