26, 2016

The newest versions of PC-3000 Express/UDMA-E/Portable Ver.6.2.18, PC-3000 SSD Ver.2.3.1, Data Extractor Ver.5.5.2 are available now!

The following English, Japanese and Chinese software updates for PC-3000 and DE are released today:

PC-3000 Express/UDMA-E/Portable Ver. 6.2.18
Data Extractor Ver. 5.5.2
Data Extractor RAID Edition Ver. 5.5.2
PC-3000 SSD Ver. 2.3.1

Keeping the tradition of constant perfection, ACE Lab developers have significantly enhanced the functionality of the PC-3000 and Data Extractor software. Wider range of supported drives, more supported file systems, greater possibilities for working with encrypted partitions – you will find all these features and a lot more in the new Update!


PC-3000 & Data Extractor

  • Added support for very old HDD (10+ MB) working via CHS/LCHS addressing
  • Implemented new simplified launcher interface

Data Extractor
  • Enabled working with encrypted partitions Windows Bitlocker, Apple FileVault, TrueCrypt
  • Added ZFS file system support
  • Added BtrFS file system support
  • Added "Apple Virtual disk" (DMG) virtual drive support

Data Extractor RAID Edition
  • Added metadata scanning method MDADM for partitions of $FD type and GPT slots of "Linux Raid" type
  • Added autodetection based on AppleRAIDHeader
  • Added autodetection and possibility to create RAID-Z(1,2,3)

WDC Marvell
  • Added automatic 03 module recovery mode
  • Added ARCO tests
  • Support of new decrypting algorithm for Western Digital HDD

  • Added Burn-tests for M8E, F4, F4_3D families

  • Added Loader (Download Microcode, ATA cmd 92h) loading function
  • Added "Write to RAM" and"Edit head map in ROM" modes

Hitachi GST (SAS)
  • Enabled editing HDD ID info (Model, S/N, Sector size, WWN, Date of Manufacture and other)

  • For hybrid HDD added Nand Flash support

PC-3000 SSD

SanDisk Marvell
  • Added support for new types of storage: SanDisk X300, SanDisk Ultra II

Silicon Motion
  • Added PNY CS1111 support
  • Added AMD Radeon R3 support
  • Added ADATA SP550 support
  • Enabled automatic re-reading of pages using ReadRetry
  • Added support for drives with two LUNs per chip
  • Enabled WWN edition

Marvell VanGogh
  • Implemented support for new translator formats for Crucial M4, Micron C400 (256/512 Gb) drives

Intel Postville
  • Translator creation mode has been significantly improved


For PC-3000 Express, UDMA-E, Portable

WDC Marvell
  • Added a new mode: “Slow Responding solution changes cancel”
  • Improved “Move/resize module” mode, the module 01 is moved correctly now
  • Fixed Manual Flash Dir restoration error for “ROM build from SA data” mode (module 01 search results are not applied - now fixed)
  • Support of new decrypting algorithm for Western Digital HDD
  • Added ARCO tests
    • Mini MR Head Linearity Calibrate
    • Mini ARCO
    • Mini Servo WRRO
    • Servo Calibrate
    • Power Up Bandwidth Calibrate
    • Flex BIAS Calibrate
    • Writer Reader GAP Calibration
    • Touchdown Calibrate
    • TPI Calibrate
    • Head Qualification Variable Kilo Flux Change Per Inch
    • Full ARCO
    • Target Search
    • Hot Full ARCO
  • Added SA access block with module 30 disabling
  • Added Block/unblock of access to module 02 mode for RAM
  • Improved Zone and head disabling mode allowing to bypass FW error causing the wrong capacity identification
  • Added the support of utility actions for Data Extractor
  • Added the mode of automatic and manual module 03 restoration
  • Added new modes:
    • Block module 02 access
    • Allow module 02 access
  • “Dir loading into RAM” mode will not work for the latest HDD families like Pebbleb if Permanent Overlay hasn’t been loaded. The initialization of these drives is possible using the modes of block/unblock module 02
  • Implemented “Add module as a result of search” mode in “Dir editor” mode
  • Added control of module 04 presence in SA for “Disable head” mode. Added the possibility of 04 module search and addition if this module has not been found
  • Added the possibility to write the relocated module from file for “Move/resize module” mode
  • Added the automatic correcting function for the table of regions in case a module is getting out of region borders during the Dir editing

  • Patched "Initialization with changed head map in the RAM" test in case of a LED 1A04 code in terminal
  • Added a scrollbar to"Write Burn resources to drive" tab
  • Fixed memory leaks in case of prolonged usage of an active utility in DE
  • Changes in N3 family:
    • Added the option to switch sector size between 512/4096 Bytes to Edit HDD ID menu
    • Fixed capacity detection error in the Terminal Only mode
  • Improved combined test with addition of the following options:
    • "Zone Threshold", allowing to automatically skip zones with a large number of errors
    • Option to set "read retry count" value
    • "Disable read look ahead" option
    • Dialog that allows you to clear the A-List before the test
    • Dialog that allows you to select zones for disabling when the test ends
  • Added following menu items at the defect editor in CHS format:
    • "Inflate defects"
    • "Select zone to disable"
  • Added the ability to load modules from profile folder when you build a translator in DE
  • Improved Burn test for families M8E, F4, F4_3D

Samsung USB
  • Improved algorithms of SCSI-ATA translation for all families
  • Added possibility to send soft and hard reset for drives using JMicron USB bridges
  • Added the function to test HDD with SCSI commands of read, write, and verification into combined test
  • Disabled SMART test during drive initialization, which might potentially lead to drive's hanging
  • Various minor fixes

  • Added Read Retries parameter for reading service area modules. It is useful in case a module can't be read in the first time
  • Added loader uploading possibility (Download Microcode option, ATA cmd 92h)
  • Added write to ROM functionality. It uses the ATA command, so the HDD should go to standby. Function is useful for adaptation of a donor controller. ATTENTION! On some firmware versions after writing to ROM rewriting compatible NV-RAM is required
  • Added "Edit head map in RAM" feature
  • Added "Initialization from saved resources" (similar to the loader). Aside from overlays and parameter modules, allows to initialize a translator, change head map in RAM, forbid Autoreassign in RAM
  • Added following actions into "Utility Actions" of DE:
    • upload loader
    • change head map in RAM
    • initialization from saved resources

Seagate F3
  • Improved checksum computation algorithm for ROM segment
  • Added flags of selected defects editing operation for Non Resident G-List

  • Added MD04ACA family
  • Added new option for hybrid SSHD drives "Flash permanent cache" in "Edit HDD ID" mode:
    • Nand Flash ON
    • Nand Flash OFF
This option helps get access to user’s area on SSHD drives with malfunctioning Nand Flash chip.

PC-3000 Kernel
  • Improved support for old drives without access by LBA. It’s now possible to work with very old drives (starting from 10 Mb) in PC-3000 and Data Extractor that work only via LCHS addressing. Added configuration table for such HDDs from old PC BIOS
  • Added automatic PIO mode switch based on Drive ID
  • Added a new option "Initialize HDD by logical parameters" in "Tools\HDD" utilities menu

WinDisk utility
  • Added support for old HDDs (from 10 Mb) working only via LCHS addressing
  • Added saving drive access mode: reading/writing, only reading, writing imitation

Data Extractor
  • Now it’s possible to work with drives via LCHS mode with specified parameters. For drives that don’t support LBA mode switching to LCHS is automatic. For modern drives it’s possible to set LCHS mode manually
  • Added new map format into "Map of unused space" for RAID, "Snapshot based on map" and "Load map of MFT tables from file"
  • Improved internal format of object map data. Changed visual mode of operating with the map. Such changes allow to fix a problem of RAM when working with a big capacity FS
  • Implemented rendering of sectors by user-defined pattern for non-reading sectors (settings in "Filling by pattern" mode)
  • Optimized deleting of selected chains algorithm in "Object map" mode (earlier deleting a large list or a large number of selected chains was slow)
  • Fixed the issue when reading SSD drives less than 128 Gb with more than 256 sectors block size
  • Implemented working with drives connected to PC-3000 with maximal transferring up to 4096 sectors (depends on the drive). Read/Write speed increase approximately by 10 Mb/sec. For new tasks Block size is set for 128 kb (256 sectors). Later can be changed manually to max transfer size
  • Added log report for sectors with re-reading error
  • View logic of map reading process has been changed

Implemented new simplified interface of PC-3000 and Data Extractor launcher:
  • Added 'simplified' mode of PC-3000 and Data Extractor launcher. Using launch parameters, it's possible to select ports for the task (-A:0,1), ports for source drives and destination drives (-newmodews:0,1) or (-newmodews:0). In this mode, it’s possible to perform the following actions after task creation: - build a head map, run 'Quick disk analysis' etc. Developed procedure of logical testing of heads/surface and mapping of used space

Added feature for encrypted partitions:
  • Windows Bitlocker
  • Apple FileVault
  • TrueCrypt
In 'map of object' mode added ability to create virtual disk with data decryption 'on-the-fly'.Both a password and a recovery key can be used for decryption. In Bitlocker it's possible to use key file (BEK-file). Implemented building a map of metadata and a sub-map based on source.

'RAW recovery' mode:
  • added AppleRAIDHeader structures search
  • superblocks and boots are grouped in sub-groups based on identifier and size
  • it's possible to add ZFS virtual partition
  • VMFS LVM Info metadata is displayed in VMFS Volume Info

File systems
  • ZFS
    • added support of ZFS file system
    • added support of LZ4 compression
    • added display of child file systems 'unmount' in catalogs of parent host systems
    • added support of LZ4 metadata and compression algorithm
  • BtrFS
    • added support of BtrFS file system
  • NTFS
    • improved algorithm of file system initialization, added a function to disable analysis of metadata copy (Boot and Mirror) if unnecessary
    • improved 'MFT scanning' mode, hierarchy of directories is recovered based on usn$jrnl file (in cases when it is important)
  • Ext
    • improved creation of large Ext4 virtual partition in RAW recovery mode
    • improved saving of small files, making it much quicker
    • added analysis of Ext4 structures in RAW recovery mode
    • improved analysis of large fragmented Ext4 directory with logical errors
  • UFS
    • added analysis of UFS1(2) structures in RAW recovery mode
  • VMFS
    • Fixed map of marked files and folders building on Root in VMFS partition

Virtual Disk processing:
  • added support of 'Apple Virtual disk' virtual disks (DMG). It's possible to mount virtual disks from map and marked files of parent host system. It's possible to build map of metadata and submap based on sources for virtual disks
  • added option 'Add virtual partition' for open folders in context menu, available if any contents are present in the folder (vhd, vhdx, vmdk, dmg, e0x, aff ect...)

RAID Edition
  • added method of MDADM metadata scanning for partitions of $FD type and GPT slot of 'Linux Raid' type
  • added autodetection based on AppleRAIDHeader
  • implemented a feature to autodetect and create RAID-Z (1,2,3)
  • improved processing with RAID built on regions of other RAID arrays
  • added special arrays for BtrFs and ZFS file systems
  • now it's possible to set Reed-Solomon indexes for column (for RAID with delay > 1)

For PC-3000 SAS

Hitachi GST (SAS)
  • added HDD identifier correction (Model, S/N, Sector size, WWN, Date of Manufacture and other)
  • added support for C15K600, C10K1200, 7K3000 families

For PC-3000 SSD

SanDisk Marvell
  • New models of drives have been added: SanDisk X300, SanDisk Ultra II
  • Following tests have been added
    • Resources backup
    • ROM reading
    • Modules reading
  • Significantly improved translator building algorithm

Silicon Motion (PNY)
  • Controller SM2246EN:
    • New family of SSD has been added to support list: PNY CS1111

Silicon Motion (AMD)
  • Controller SM2256K:
    • New family of SSD has been added to support list: AMD Radeon R3

Silicon Motion (ADATA)
  • Controller SM2256K:
    • New family of SSD has been added to support list: ADATA SP550

Silicon Motion (Crucial)
Silicon Motion (Plextor)/>
Silicon Motion (PNY)
  • Controller SM2246EN:
    • Added automatic readout of pages with ReadRetry
    • Drives with two LUN's by chip have been added to support list

Silicon Motion (SanDisk)
  • Controller SM2246XT
    • New family of SSD has been added to support list: Sandisk SSD Plus

Silicon Motion (All Vendors)
  • Added functionality for WWN SSD edition for all SM-based SSD
  • Added "Ignore ECC errors" option into reading settings

Intel Postville
  • The low-level commands transmission format has been changed and improved

Marvell VanGogh
  • Improvements and fixes in translation algorithm building
  • Added new translator versions support for the following list of drives:
    • Crucial M4 (256GB, 512GB)
    • Micron C400 (256GB, 512GB)

OCZ Barefoot 3
  • Improvements in Barefoot 3 Active Utility for better compatibility with PC-3000 Portable-II

Crucial V4, Corsair Nova
  • Phison 3105 Controller:
    • Few improvements

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