08, 2016

New Set of Adapters for Monoliths

ACE Lab team has developed new adapters for recovering data from monolithic flash devices. You will be able to recover data from several monoliths at a time using the convenient Multiboard with replaceable modules and recover data from SD, microSD memory cards and MMC, eMMC chips with our new Card Adapter.

Multiboard Soldering Adapter with Replaceable Modules

This adapter is designed for soldering NAND-chips in various form factors and connecting them to PC-3000 Flash Reader (Ver. 3 or 4). The device consists of a main Multiboard adapter and replaceable modules: Monolith, LGA52/TSOP48, BGA152/VBGA100. This approach allows to quickly switch between tasks and use hot air on microchips without the risk of damaging the adapter.

Multiboard soldering adapter - contents

Main Multiboard adapter with a socket for replaceable modules.


Monolith soldering replaceable module

LGA52 and TSOP48 soldering replaceable module

BGA152 and VBGA100 soldering replaceable module

Card Adapter (SD, microSD, MMC, eMMC)

Specialized Card Adapter for PC-3000 Flash has been developed for reading out data from SD, microSD memory cards and MMC, eMMC chips in technomode. Technomode allows to access data on the card without disassembling it. This makes working with memory cards much more convenient and greatly facilitates forensic investigations.

The adapter is connected to PC-3000 Flash Reader Ver. 3 or 4 (Flash Reader Ver. 3 requires power supply adapter). The new adapter has two slots for SD and microSD cards as well as soldering area for MMC/eMMC chips, frequently used in mobile devices and smartphones. The adapter is equipped by two independent power supply circuits for more efficient work with damaged memory cards.

These new adapters will be available in the Advanced Monolith Set of adapters for PC-3000 Flash.

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