22, 2016

The new PC-3000 Flash software Ver. 7.0.4 is available!

At the ACE Lab Technology Conference in Prague, one of our reports is dedicated to PC-3000 Flash and covers such topics as main reasons of bit errors and the ways to affect a monolith and improve the reading quality. The demonstration is made based on the newest version of PC-3000 Flash software.

For authorized technical support users, the latest software update for their PC-3000 Flash is available right now.

The main enhancements in PC-3000 Flash software ver. 7.0.4:

  • Innostor controller block number image builder method has been improved
  • Sandisk controller block number image builder method has been improved (new controllers are supported now)
  • New tools for working with dumps are now available:
    • Page transformation for different ECC at the IS and SM controllers
    • Block rotation tool for SD and microSD cards based on the PHISON controllers
    • Search tool for the actual marker position for some types of tasks
    • New opportunity to change the map of XOR results by cut pages option (common problem at the SM and AU controllers) with Twoplane XOR mode
  • Image builder for SM-based SD and CF cards has been improved
  • It has become possible to save the user data with ECC errors into the !Problem folder
  • Dynamic XOR for the CBM controllers is now available
  • It has become possible to multi-retry a command in the direct command mode
  • A new preparation method with new special preparation tools is available
  • It has become possible to optionally change the order and location of the Hex, Map and Status tabs. When you choose a new configuration, it can be saved and applied automatically when you run the software next time

Please contact us to find out how to get the latest PC-3000 Flash software release.

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