16, 2016

Upcoming NAND/Monolith Recovery Training in the USA

You are welcome to attend the 4-day NAND/Monolith Recovery training on May 2-5, 2016 in Norwalk, CT, USA.

ACE Lab continues to conduct the training seminars for our American customers.

The NAND/Monolith training held in the USA in September 2015 was a tremendous success. It was eagerly attended by forensic specialists, representatives of government agencies and data recovery experts who became the ACE certified specialists.

This kind of training is absolutely unparalleled in North America, because it provides a deep insight both into NAND theory and into various practical tasks, such as soldering and dealing with real-life data recovery from USB flash drives and microSD cards.

You will have a chance to study our unique and proprietary technology of recovering data from NAND-based and monolithic flash devices, which is the most user-friendly and the most efficient!

Who is invited to attend:

  • Data recovery specialists
  • Forensic experts
  • Government IT specialists
  • Everyone who wishes to become advanced certified professionals in the field of NAND/Monolith recovery

All the attendees will get a 5% discount for the PC-3000 equipment that can be bought at the training centre.

TO SIGN UP FOR THE TRAINING, follow this link or email at

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