11, 2016

PC-3000 is compatible with Windows 10

ACE Lab has successfully conducted the OS Windows 10 compatibility tests for the PC-3000.

All the PC-3000 products with the latest software versions can be installed on the Windows 10 OS platform.

For all the PC-3000 products, the digital signatures of executable files have been added:

  • for the PC-3000 kernel
  • for the installation file

The files are signed by Verisign ACE Lab certificate.

When each of the executable files is launched on the OS Windows 7, 8, and 10, the operation system checks for availability and validity of the digital signature. If the signature is valid, then administrative access is requested to the software published by “ACE Scientific Production Enterprise Limited”.
If the software publisher is set as “unknown publisher” it means that the executable file is modified or damaged.

Note: Downloading executable files from the Internet without the digital signature is quite difficult on the OS Windows 10.

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