10, 2009

The new version 3.21 of PC-3000 UDMA and Data Extractor UDMA

We released new version 3.21 PC-3000 UDMA and Data Extractor UDMA. It has all overpatchings and additions:

01.11.2007 DataExtractor:

  • overpatchings into MFT record editor (additional control and prompts on the damaged fields and attributes)
  • changed head map creation, only creation with the usage of the active specialised PC-3000 utility is kept

29.10.2007 Samsung Utility:

  • added message at ROM wrting

27.08.2007 Seagate Utility:

  • changed order of Stuff saving to prevent incorrect initialization of S.M.A.R.T. after overlays are loaded into RAM. Now, if you choose to save STUFF on PCHS, it is done before overlays are loaded.
    P.S. To initialize the drive fully, it is better after it to save STUFF through congen interface separately.

27.10.2007 IBM Utility:

  • added HTS4212xxH9xxxx family into IBMOverride.ini file

25.10.2007 DataExtractor:

  • changed extension for the files of databases, used by DE; gdb extension used before in XP is associated with system files which are backuped before they are opened

25.10.2007 Samsung Utility:

  • added possibility to write ROM from Database

24.10.2007 Database server:

  • solved problem of the long time for opening the database under Windows XP OS
    Renamed database file GDB → FDB. It prevents OS to create automatically its copy when it is opened. Renaming is done by the Database server itself at opening local (!) database. If the access to the remote Database was set, it is necessary to rename file manually.

23.10.2007 Samsung Utility:

  • output of head map from ROM through therminal and from file-image;
  • writing of ROM file-image into drive (ROM loader is built into the utility);
  • selection of defects in the defect table by the cylinder range.

22.10.2007 Toshiba Utility:

  • added mode "CP Catalogue" (Tools)
  • added modes "Resourse reservation" and "Resourse template creation"
  • Added "Certificate data editing" mode

20.10.2007 WD Marvell Utility:

  • changed algorythm of reading the tracks and the modules. Now the utility reads 128 sectors with one command. It increased 7 times speed of reading the tracks and the modules;
  • for HDD with one head we added control of going out of the limits SA at reading/writing of 1 copy.

17.10.2007 IBM Utility:

  • for 2.5" families we changed the algorythm of saving RDMT (algorithm of defect assignment)

17.10.2007 DataExtractor:

  • added possibility to interrupt initialization of file system when working with the problem drive
  • changed processing of interruption of searching and verification processes (interruption is done considerably faster)
  • in service menu we included power control which enables to control power in all modes
  • in sector editor we added power control and possibility to interrupt sector reading process
  • added inhibition for another operations in explorer when you are doing a long-time operation
  • added possibility to interrupt loading of the task when working with the problem drive
  • added possibility to interrupt creation of used sectors map for NTFS partitions
  • optimized work with object map
  • combined result map and head map (now it is one file)
  • changed editor of MFT table writing
  • added possibility to mount the task as a disk for "External file"

04.10.2007 IBM Utility:

  • added address of module NVRC - copy of factory NV-RAM for families AVVA, AVVN, AVV2
  • added CS (control sum) correction in algorythm of fitting NV-RAM before saving final images NV-RAM into files

04.10.2007 IBM Utility:

  • now when saving NV-RAM into DB the document is created by default

28.09.2007 PC-3000 UDMA Kernel:

  • changed mode of viewing S.M.A.R.T. (added descriptions of attributes and prompts)

28.09.2007 WD Old Models Utility:

  • added Sleep to make Hot Swap operation

28.09.2007 WD Caviar Cyl 32 Utility:

  • added Sleep to make Hot Swap operation

25.09.2007 Data Extractor UDMA:

  • added support of UFS1, UFS2 file systems
  • added possibility of creation maps of used/unused sectors for file systems EXT2(3)
  • added processing of possible errors of drive writing
  • added algorythm of filling the map of skipped sectors at area jumps
  • added legend into statistics view form
  • added possibility to recalculate statistics for the task
  • at working with map we added possibility to create submap according to the legend
  • at work with map we added possibility to calculate statistics for the map
  • at work with map we added possibility to remove selected chains
  • into MFT writing editor we added possibility to save any attribute into file
  • into MFT writing editor we added possibility to view "as attribute" area
  • for the case when copy is created into system disk, we added the setting to "modify MBR" the usage of which results in automatic modification of MBR sector (change of 55 AA for 55 BB)

25.09.2007 PC-3000 UDMA Kernel:

  • improved launching of utility (possibility to interrupt reading of HDD certificate)
  • changed order of doing hardware reset
    (SATA HDD indicates readiness immediately after doing reset)

25.09.2007 Toshiba Utility:

  • added reading /writing CP (Config Pages)
  • conversion LBA->CHS (for head map creation in DE)
  • reading of table and determing of HDD geometry
  • reading, editing and clearance of P-List
  • reading/writing of service tracks
  • reading/writing of buffer RAM and RAM MP
  • added possibility to define parameters of HDD family by a user

25.09.2007 WD Caviar Cyl 32 SATA Utility:

  • added mode "cylinder - 4 specification"
  • added column "short name (Name)" into module catalogue mode
  • added "Odysey" family
  • added Plugins of displaying table of zone distribution and DCM Info

25.09.2007 WD Marvell Utility:

  • added Plugins displaying table of zone distribution and DCM Info
  • added control of sizes at parsing defect tables (Access Violation at error in G/P page structure)
  • for family Sabre 58 (Unicorn) we added of parsing of certificate for F/W xx.xxE...

25.09.2007 Maxtor Utility:

  • changed algorythm of "Restart at own SA (Service Area)"mode (added reaction for creation of an error)

21.09.2007 IBM Uitlity:

  • into utility we added possibility to adapt alien NV-RAM to get access to SA for families:
    2" - HTS424, HTS541, HTS721

19.09.2007 Samsung Utility:

  • added possibililty to switch off/on the heads on Puma, VictorPlus and Verna
  • corrected SPT for VERNALITE
  • added memory editor in Service Area object
  • added editing of translation zone table for families older than Palo (besides 2,5")
  • added internal processor for smartdescription

12.09.2007 IBM Utility:

  • into utility we added possibility of technological reading of user data through Data Extractor

29.08.2007 IBM Utility:

  • corrected parsing of zone table for families hts424, hts541, hts721

21.08.2007 IBM Utility:

  • corrected procedures of work with RDMT for 2" drives

13.08.2007 Seagate Utility:

  • changed procedure of intitialization of loader launching dialogue in order to take into consideration peculiarities of the start of the drives with damaged ROM - MASKROM
  • redone functions of NV-RAM reading/writing (work with database)

11.07.2007 DataExtractor:

  • added bookmarks of controlling the reading command and timeouts into task parameters without copy creation in case when the drive is connected to PC3000 board port
  • timeout for UDMA is changed for 2000 ms "by default"

06.07.2007 IBM Utitlity:

  • now Autoreassign switching off works also on 2" drives
  • corrected formatting procedure for the work with SATA drives (loading)
  • added section for HTS541xxxH9xxxx family into IBMOverride.ini file

28.06.2007 Driver (PC3kUDMA.sys) ver 2.19:

  • Reduced loading of CPU while waiting for HDD readiness

27.06.2007 Seagate Utility:

  • modification in order to solve the situation "Spin Up Error" before saving overlays at starting up with loader

26.06.2007 Seagate Utility:

  • now the capacity downsizes to 128G at certificate writing through CONGEN, but it is written on MaxLBA

25.06.2007 General:

  • changed algorythm of loading the configuration file to prevent its damage and the lost of the activation caused by it

25.06.2007 Data Migration Tool :

    (folder "ServiceUtilites" file "PCDBMigrationSetup.exe")
  • aorrected error to calculate search keys for Seagate, Fujitsu, Hitachi-IBM, Quaxtor utility (it is recommended to download, install and fulfill "Update search keys")

20.06.2007 Installation:

  • added checking of PC-3000 application at installation starting

20.06.2007 Maxtor Utility:

  • added SelfTest mode to the utility and its description
  • finished description of resources, version 1.0
  • added changes into safe mode identification in Calypso family
    It is done because the microcode built in C10-C1 controller hanged up PC-PATA-SATA adapter in response to the identification command
  • added module which was not in HDD module table, but it influences HDD starting - the service area adaptive module RCT0 service area adaptive. It has identificator 0FFh. Its description is added into "SA Modules" section
  • added function "Switching SA on another head" and its description. This function is realized only for CALYPSO family drives
  • added switching function for Calypso drives
  • Calypso drives has a new function to switch system heads using U_LIST
  • added possibility to view P-List from PN=33h module for the drives with the trnslator type as by Grizzly. At the same time we took into consideration the peculiarity of PN=33h module that not all sectors of this module indicated in module map are written
  • added change in the start dialogue. If the family of the switched HDD is not recognized, the warning appears and utility selects "Previous family" as a family type when it cannot detect drive's family

18.06.2007 Hitachi-IBM Utility:

  • added new family 7250KLA3 in IBMOverride.ini

15.06.2007 DataExtractor:

  • changed form of displaying the task statistics (colors are added)
  • added possibility to calculate the statistics for the sector range and any map
  • added sub-map creation mode according to the legend
  • added chains of FAT tables into the map of used sectors for FAT

08.06.2007 Seagate Utility:

  • modification of algorithm of saving ATA overlay into loader for HDD Seagate 7200.8 Tonka
  • modification of spindle rotation control algorithm
  • added terminal command abort checking

06.06.2007 DataExtractor:

  • optimized algorithm of head map creation (for example it works 6 times quicker for Seagate)
  • removed power switching-off at the error opening of the task for another drive

04.06.2007 Seagate Utility:

  • there is algorythm of forced reset of PC-PATA-SATA which does not block at entering another utilities

04.06.2007 Hitachi-IBM Utility:

  • added new families 7250VLAT, 7216PLAT into IBMOverride.ini

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