23, 2010

The new version 3.49 of PC-3000 for Windows UDMA with the new version 3.34 of Data Extractor

We did the folowing overpatchings:

11.04.2008 The version 3.49 is released

10.04.2008 Beta-version 3.48 is released

09.04.2008 WD Marvell:

  • improved HDD ID editing ("Edit HDD ID", "Security subsystem")
  • added new criterion of compatibility of the resources HDD Firmware Version (we updated all modes of resource searching in database "Writing of module/s, tracks, ROM, ROM modules, LDR loading)
  • added new family: Pinnacle
  • corrected error of defect table encoding (Moving G-List to P-List)

09.04.2008 Maxtor:

  • corrected mode of recovering the headers and CS modules
  • changed order of MaxtorSelftest.ini file setup

09.04.2008 Samsung:

  • added settings of writing the skript by default
  • added control of saving on heads (BISPT, BRSLT, BTIME) after editing the module in the families Verna and earlier ones
  • corrected size of ROM 192Kb in the drives P80M, Delphi and earlier ones

01.04.2008 Released Beta version 3.47:

  • corrected detected errors in the utilities of WD Marvell and Fujitsu

28.03.2008 Fujitsu:

  • added password removal through the terminal
  • it works in the families MHV, MHW, MHX

26.03.2008 WDC Marvell:

  • added support of the families: McKinley and Tornado PATA
  • improved algorithm of ROM reading (with the automatic detection of the available volume)
  • added control of the validity of HDD certificate interpretation
  • added control of the presence of SA copies
  • corrected work with the family Tornado 2D (Not all modes worked with the access to SA)

26.03.2008 Samsung:

  • Added family M5S2(MANGO)
  • Added possibility to allocate the zones on Palo (work with Config2 module)
  • Checking and editing of script header before launching "Burna" and choice of time before the start.
  • Launching of module table from file
  • Clearance of А-List by the technological command (2-nd variant)
  • Added ability to send soft reset command after aborting formatting process
  • Added information about the maximum quantity of defects into the reports about defect tables
  • Corrected sorting in module catalogue
  • Corrected quantity of steps at the output of reports about "Burn" test
  • Added warning message before formatting process
  • Corrected error at the wrong writing of TList while editing defects.

20.03.2008 Quantum:

  • Corrected error at the procedure of track writing

05.03.2008 Fujitsu:

  • For families MHT, MHV the module table is now taken from the module catalogue in HDD RAM

28.02.2008 IBM-Hitachi:

  • The family HTS54212H9 (HTS4212xxH9xxxx) is brought from the optional menu into the main menu.
    Formatting test is modified. Now you can set the maximum number of errors before the stop

28.02.2008 WDC Marvell:

  • Added work with SA copies for families with the access to SA on ABA
  • Corrected work with Zeus family

21.02.2008 IBM-Hitachi:

  • We shifted the families 7250VLAT (HDS7250xxVLxxx0), HTS5412H9 (HTS5412xxH9xxxx), HTS5416J9 (HTS5416xxJ9xxxx) from the optional one (through ini file) into the main menu
  • HTS541 family is renamed into HTS5410G9

19.02.2008 WDC Marvell:

  • Added new families HDD
    • Zeus
    • Hawk2
    • STG Twin Lakes
    • Elaborated Sequoia family (incorrect interpretation of the structures for some FW versions)

08.02.2008 WD Marvell:

  • Added new HDD families
    • 2.5 inch
      • Orion
      • Aquarius
      • Aries
      • Lynx
    • 3.5 inch
      • Tornado
      • Sequoia
      • Jupiter
      • Tornado 2D
      • Tornado 2R

08.02.2008 Kernel:

  • Added mode of viewing the reference of the supported HDD (references for utilities are being developed)

31.01.2008 Seagate:

  • Completed works on solving the problem that ATA overlays were not saved from the loader for the families starting from TONKA2
  • Modified process of loader loading

14.01.2008 Samsung:

  • Added Button of rewriting the file from the profile in the "Module catalogue" mode
  • Added colour indication when you check service information structure

29.12.2007 Maxtor:

  • Modified algorithm - Off-Line utility start

26.12.2007 Samsung:

  • Added family T166.
  • Added family M80 (new algorithm of translator)
  • Added possibility to edit zones for RUBICON
  • Added option to switch off the technokey at file loading
  • In the defect report we added the column with the common number of defects in the zones
  • 2-3 times quicker LBA → CHS command execution (when adding defects, when building head map in DE).

25.12.2007 IBM-Hitachi:

  • Spited and improved methods of password removal for SATA and PATA drives

18.12.2007 Quantum:

  • Improved procedure of loader loading.
    The old variant periodically hanged in the middle of loader body transaction

14.12.2007 Hitachi native:

  • Improved mode of module reading (completed reading on copies)
  • In the mode "Module catalogue" we added "G-List check sum recalculation"
  • Improved "SA structure test" mode
  • Corrected error of G-List check sum calculation
  • Refined format of presenting data in the report

06.12.2007 IBM-Hitachi:

  • Improved algorithm of Self Test monitoring.
    The system of prevention even buffer overflow is built into this mechanism.

14.12.2007 Toshiba:

  • Added families 04GAH, 04GAL (1.8")
  • Corrected error of P-List clearance
  • Corrected error of MPU RAM reading
  • Added statistics into defect editor

07.12.2007 WD Caviar Cyl 32 SATA:

  • Added family Hercules

07.12.2007 IBM-Hitachi:

  • Into ini file we added the family HDS7210xxKLxxx0

05.12.2007 WD Caviar Cyl 32:

  • We removed the writing with the usage of module 61 when writing ROM into Kernel Mode

14.11.2007 Toshiba:

  • Corrected error of determination and usage of the user family
  • Corrected error of CP writing from "CP Catalogue" mode

13.11.2007 IBM-Hitachi:

  • Into ini file we added the shift parameter processing in NV-RAM image of such fields as SRVM Cyl Base, SA Top

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