03, 2019

New PC-3000 Solutions Made a Splash at the FT-Day 2019, Germany

For the third time in a row, ACE Lab became the partner of the Forensic Technology Day (FT-Day), the largest IT-forensics industry conference in Germany. The event hosted by our German partner mh SERVICE GmbH is growing every year – this time it was attended by more than 125 forensic investigators, cybercrime experts, and representatives of government agencies from Germany and neighboring countries.

The FT-Day’s participants had a lot of questions on how to deal with devices that are somehow damaged or have password protection to be bypassed. So, the turnout at our booth and sessions was just overwhelming!

During the event, we held a presentation on the Media Cache in modern Seagate SMR Hard Disk Drives and a series of live demos to showcase PC-3000 in action. The first day ended with a networking dinner where the attendees could exchange ideas on the newest developments in the digital forensics field.

On the second day, the conference guests were able to attend our workshop on top tips & tricks to recovering evidence from modern HDD and SSD. They were very impressed by the PC-3000 Portable III functions and received a valuable knowledge of forensics data recovery from password-protected HDD, HDD with damaged heads, Media Cache of Seagate SMR Drives, logically damaged ADATA SU800 SSD (by deactivating TRIM) and SanDisk Ultra II.

Do you want to see PC-3000 in action as well? Then follow our news and see you at the upcoming events!

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