26, 2022

New in Support and Development

Along with the top-quality tools based on the best technology, in data recovery, it is very important to receive regular software updates, high-end technical support and training services.

We at ACE Lab can be proud to say that when you deal with the PC-3000, you stably get all these things on the top level. There is much new about the services we provide:

technical support ACE Lab offers high-quality technical support service, which can help you to solve difficult data recovery cases or even do the job instead of you.

Due to a strong demand and a massive caseflow, we have recently hired 2 more technical support engineers to solve your tickets faster. Now already 14 engineers work full time in our technical support team!

We have extended the ways to pay for technical support. To get more information on renewing your TS period, you are welcome to contact service@acelab.eu.com.

new portal Getting support is easier with the new Technical Support Portal available for the authorized PC-3000 Users! There, you can contact ACE Lab TS engineers, find the updates, installation files, and the information on your tools and technical support period.

From the new portal, you can go to the ACE Lab Blog with technical articles, forum to get in touch with peers from the data recovery community, our YouTube Channel to watch know-how videos, and the PC-3000 Flash Global Solution Center with useful resources. Everything is in one place here, and it is very convenient!

new updates ACE Lab developers continue everyday work on the new updates of the PC-3000 Tools. As in the February Update we moved to the 64-bit OS, it opened up additional opportunities for them and provided the basis for further developments and enhancements.

More updates for various PC-3000 products are coming soon!

new events ACE Lab keeps on holding a lot of online events: demos, seminars and presentations. Also, we intend to conduct online and on-site events like conferences and presentations in future.

Meanwhile, we continue our work on the new articles, videos and other materials to introduce the latest technologies and know-hows to you.

new training Recently we’ve announced new training types for digital forensic experts. 15 specialists have already attended the new training to improve digital evidence extraction skills and highly appreciated it.

Onsite training is available on demand. For more details on the training email to training@acelab.eu.com.

new updates ACE Lab R&D is actively working on the new projects and the enhancement of the existing ones. Right now we are finalizing our latest significant developments, so keep following our pages to be one of the first to hear about this!

You can also subscribe to our newsletters by sending a request to news@acelab.eu.com.

We at ACE Lab are always here to answer your questions and to support you in your data recovery and digital forensic activities! If you have questions, you are welcome to write to us at sales@acelab.eu.com.

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