12, 2013

New in services from ACE Laboratory

Along with developing professional data recovery solutions for already 21 years, we are providing related services to our valued customers. Making summary of reconstruction in services provided by ACE Laboratory, we would like to share our positive news with you.


Starting from March, 2013 ACE Laboratory is providing “PC-3000 Technology for HDD Data Recovery” training seminar on PC-3000 Express technology and all our students will be trained using PC-3000 Express professional data recovery systems in the class. This is the exclusive training program on PC-3000 Express technology where you can get in ACE Lab training centre.

If you wish to be first in getting training on PC-3000 Express, please contact Kate Bezborodkina or fill in the request form here to reserve your attendance.

Technical support

New three qualified engineers are joining our two current technical support engineers. After they prove their qualification, we will officially introduce them to you.

Renovation and extension of technical support staff is accompanied by introduction of new efficient system of cooperating with our Technical Support users which you will be able to use soon.

The main aim of our Technical Support department is to help our customers use our products at its full efficiency and learn you how to master them quicker. If you have any pending questions or any types of recommendations about TS service, please do not hesitate to contact our Technical Support engineers

Roustam Dzhafarov , Skype:
Roman Morozov , Skype: roman_ts4

If you wish your case to be solved quicker, in your e-mail to our Technical Support please provide all details about damaged drive or other media, describe what had happened to it and give other information which can be useful. It will help us to reply you faster and solve your case more efficiently.


Right now we are working on offering you more convenient ways to buy software solutions in comparison with the older ways, on helping you to choose payment options and delivering you our products faster. Please feel free to contact your personal sales representatives if you wish to buy any PC-3000 products. If you have not dealt with us yet, you can contact us by and you will be directed to your personal sales assistant.

Providing you high-end services is a part of our ultimate goal – to develop the best professional data recovery solutions for you. About 70 people from ACE Lab team are working hard on this aim and we are glad to inform you that our creative, extraordinary talented developers from ACE development centre are leading the next wave of data recovery innovations which we are preparing for 2013 year.

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