14, 2024

Best in China: the biggest Data Recovery & Digital Forensics Conference in China was a resounding success!

In April 2024 the ACE Lab team including CEO and top engineers were honored to hold two outstanding events - ACE Lab Data Recovery & Digital Forensics Conference and free Technical Workshops - in two of the key Chinese cities - Shenzhen together with Vector Technology Company Ltd. and Beijing together with JunDaCheng Technology Company.

Conference & Workshops in Shenzhen

On April 15-16 there was the ACE Lab Data Recovery & Digital Forensics Conference and Free Technical Workshops in the Chinese economic miracle city - Shenzhen, perfectly organized together with our valued partner and distributor Vector Technology Company Ltd.

More than 120 attendees eager to work with the most professional and stable data recovery technologies, received loads of new knowledge, asked a lot of engaging questions, and showed much interest in the PC-3000 upskilling workshops.

Conference & Workshops in Beijing

On April 20-21 the ACE Lab Data Recovery & Digital Forensics Conference and Free Technical Workshops was held in the Chinese capital - Beijing, excellently organized together with our valued partner and distributor JunDaCheng Technology Company.

Attended by more than 170 data recovery engineers, the event demonstrated the true interest and excitement of the Chinese data recovery engineers.

The attendees dramatically expanded their view on the PC-3000 and its powerful features, convenience and perspectives for data recovery work.

Technology exchange

At both events, there was a vivid exchange between ACE Lab representatives and attendees, fostering an atmosphere of knowledge and professional growth. The audience eagerly asked probing questions seeking to enhance their data recovery techniques. The ACE Lab team responded to all of them with detailed explanations sharing industry knowledge and practical takeaways.

Best in China: PC-3000 as the top product for the Chinese data recovery engineers

After both events the Chinese data recovery engineers and digital forensic experts could see that the PC-3000 is much more efficient, stable and sophisticated than other local less powerful data recovery solutions. Instead of using random unsafe commands that can destroy the customer storage device, the PC-3000 tools use complex verified mathematical algorithms thanks to the deepest R&D which ensure higher results, more safety and more intelligent treatment of a storage device.

The PC-3000 is completely secure, and in capable hands can far outperform competing solutions, especially with the latest updates.
With the PC-3000 data recovery engineers can increase their success rate much more than with any other solution.

Direct Technical Support to Chinese PC-3000 users

We are pleased to announce that now the Chinese PC-3000 users can buy the ACE Lab Technical Support provided directly by the ACE Lab engineers!

They will be able to ask questions directly to ACE Lab engineers.
Using ACE Lab technical support, the engineers can either learn doing data recovery with us or let us recover their cases instead of them.
For more details regarding the Technical Support service, please, contact our technical support coordinator Maria at or your local distributor Vector Technology Company Ltd. or JunDaCheng Technology Company.

We thank all event participants for coming and our distributors for excellent organization and true hospitality.

ACE Lab eagerly anticipates our next trip to China where we can continue to foster collaboration and advance the field of data recovery.

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