19, 2023

ACE Lab took part in the major Digital Forensics Events

In May and June digital forensics experts could see PC-3000 tools in action at one of the biggest Digital Forensics events of the year - Techno Security & Digital Forensics Conference in the USA, Spring Sessions on Computer Forensics by Mediarecovery in Poland and IT-Forensic Roadshow in Germany.

Techno Security & Digital Forensics Conference, Wilmington, NC, USA 05-08 June, 2023

For over 23 years, Techno Security & Digital Forensics Conference has been the most important gathering of private and government attendees dedicated to the digital forensics and computer security industries. But Techno is more than a conference. It’s where the community comes together to learn, network and share.

ACE Lab was honoured to be a part of this special community. Visiting ACE Lab booth digital forensics experts from all over the world could see why exactly PC-3000 tools are the most powerful and efficient forensics data recovery solutions available for extracting most data from practically all types of damaged storage devices.

Spring Sessions on Computer Forensics by Mediarecovery, Warsaw, Poland 24-25 May, 2023

The largest and one of the most important digital forensics events in Poland was organized by ACE Lab partner - Mediarecovery.
On the 1st day ACE Lab’s presentation “New possibilities for accessing data from mobile phones” aroused a great interest with more than 100% attendance.

And the 2nd day was rich in workshops where digital forensics experts could see all the flagship PC-3000 tools in action and get to know “How to recover data from any storage device”.

IT-Forensic Roadshow in Hannover, Cologne, Munich, Germany 22-26 May, 2023

This was a digital forensic tour across the beautiful cities of Germany - Hannover, Cologne and Munich. Together with our partner MH service ACE Lab presented a workshop series on the latest PC-3000 capabilities including the PC-3000 Portable and PC-3000 Mobile PRO tools.

We thank all the organizers of these amazing events for this great opportunity to swap ideas with like-minded people, network and show ACE Lab innovations to the experts worldwide.

If you want to learn more about ACE Lab upcoming events or get the info about ACE Lab TechWeek , please, feel free to contact our Marketing Coordinator at prm@acelab.eu.com.

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