20, 2023

ACE Lab Tech Week 2023: Overview at a Glance

It’s been a little over a week since the ACE Lab Tech Week 2023 in Malaga, Spain ended, and we continue to receive your amazing feedback and precious insights every day.

ACE Lab Tech Week has truly become an outstanding event in the data recovery & digital forensics industry.

111 data recovery professionals and digital forensics experts from 36 countries gathered in shiny Malaga to create the best networking environment and gain the deepest knowledge.

It was the ultimate platform for learning the unique cutting-edge technologies of data recovery from ALL types of storage devices, sharing deep ideas, discussing real challenges and solutions, and exploring the future of data recovery and digital forensics.

It was the place where the latest trends were set and the greatest ideas were born.

The ACE Lab Tech Week was opened with the Partner Meeting for Partners and Distributors from 14 countries who contribute much to the development of the professional data recovery and digital forensics with the PC-3000 around the world.

Filled with insightful sessions led by the best experts in the field, the Conference Day offered a comprehensive look at the latest innovations in the data recovery and digital forensics sphere.
The solutions for the most burning data recovery issues were shown such as recovering TRIMed data on WD and Seagate SMR drives, unique solutions for Flash everyday challenges, SSD breakthroughs in TRIM bypassing, RAID issues and much more

The Hands-on Workshops showed how the PC-3000 can solve your data recovery day-to-day challenges in work with WD SMR and Seagate rebranded, useful recommendations for improving the quality of read data from damaged and not officially supported SSDs as well as enhancing your expertise in work with APFS and WD Cloud. Digital Forensics & Mobile Forensics workshop gave digital forensics experts an idea of how to extract data from mobile phones using the PC-3000 Mobile PRO.

The attendees could ask any question that bothered them in their daily work and get a detailed answer directly from the ACE Lab speakers.

The ACE Lab Tech Week also featured the Round Table Discussions, the first of its kind in the data recovery industry. ACE Lab C-levels with top engineers and worldwide data recovery as well as digital forensics experts shared their visions on the market trends, ways how to be more efficient in the existing environment, and what to expect in the future market. The attendees found this format very fruitful and inspiring. It’s important to know what people in your field are thinking, what challenges they are facing and what solutions we have for these challenges.

ACE Lab is expanding its geography and making the PC-3000 easier to master not only in English, so this year for the first time the PC-3000 Workshops in the Spanish and Portuguese languages were held with the professional help of OnRetrieval, ACE Lab’s official distributor in Spain, and met with great interest.

Richest Networking and Partnership Building

ACE Lab Tech Week 2023 amazed the attendees with the vast opportunities for networking with peers. Even though the event lasted for 4 days, all the breaks between sessions were very busy with networking on a cosy terrace. Connecting with like-minded professionals from 36 countries created a strong data recovery community, which is so important in our industry.

ACE Lab Tech Week showed itself as a must-attend event for anyone who wants to stay up to date with the latest innovations and trends in the industry and a powerful community of professionals united by a common purpose.

The ACE Lab team would like to thank all participants for coming and sharing with us these incredible days in Malaga!

See you at the next ACE Lab events worldwide!

More photos and a video will be ready soon.

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